The 7 Uses of Duct Tape as a DIY Hero

Start getting creative with this DIY hero.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
2-minute read

Duct tape is said to be the solution to just about everything. From getting rid of gum to making your own fly catchers, here are even more creative uses for this household favorite.

Household Helper

1. Stick It to Gum
It sounds crazy, but it’s true: You can get rid of gum with the help of a sticky tool! To remove gum from upholstery, wrap a piece of duct tape around your fingers, with the sticky side facing out. Then, with a quick motion, press onto the gum and lift. Repeat until all of the gum is gone.

2. Lift Away Lint
You don’t need fancy lint-removing tape rollers! Just double over duct tape, sticky-side out, and use it to lift away lint from clothing.

3. Patch Damaged Siding
Duct tape can hold small rips in your vinyl siding for a season or two. With so many color choices now, you can match it to your house’s hue. Make sure the area is dry before applying and smooth it out to form a tight seal.

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4. Repair Outdoor Furniture
Whether the damage affects an outdoor cushion or chair webbing, use duct tape to engineer an easy fix and save your furniture for more years of enjoyment. It’s waterproof and holds strong.

5. Last-Minute Halloween Costume
Transform your little candy seeker into a robot or the Tin Man. Use a box as a mask with cutout eyes and a mouth. Cover the box, as well as a shirt and an old pair of jeans, with duct tape.

On-the-go Solutions

6. Goodbye, Flies
Flying insects waiting to greet you at a vacation home? Tape five to ten pieces of duct tape to themselves (making a ring with the sticky side out), then hang them near overhead lights. When the bugs become stuck, simply throw out the tape and problem solved!

Health Remedies

7. Create a Bandage
Use a tissue or paper towel secured and covered with duct tape as a simple bandage.

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