Top 4 Static Cling Remedies

Is static cling ruining your favorite outfit? Use these 4 easy tips from Domestic CEO to get cling-free.

Amanda Thomas
2-minute read

Static cling can be so annoying!

I'm sure you've been there. You just bought this beautiful, flowing, light-fabric dress and you're getting all dressed up to go out. You put on your new outfit, turn around to check yourself out in the mirror, and horror of horrors, the dress is clinging to you like moss on a tree!

No worries. Here are the Domestic CEO's top 4 static cling remedies that will save the day:

Dryer sheets

Are you headed out the door and notice static cling is joining you? Grab a dryer sheet on your way out. Give whatever clothing article that's clinging to you a quick wipe down. Toss the dryer sheet in your purse or bag in case the problem persists. You can always run to the restroom for a quick swipe with the dryer sheet.

If you've got pets and are constantly dealing with pet hair sticking to the hem of your skirt or slacks, swipe the hem with a dryer sheet and that will help repel pet hair from sticking. It's not a 100% solution, but it definitely helps!

Hair spray

Do your pants legs cling to your socks or pantyhose? Give a quick squirt of hair spray to your socks and the inside of your pant leg. This also works if your blouse is sticking to your skirt or pants. A quick spritz is all you need.


If your dress is clinging to you in all the wrong places, apply lotion before putting on your favorite outfit in the morning. Rubbing lotion on your skin will help avoid clothes sticking to you.

You may have to re-apply as the day goes on so keep a small tube of lotion in your purse.

Safety Pins

Here's my all-time favorite remedy: When my super cute rayon dress hugs me way more than I'd like it to, I simply pin a safety pin to the inside hem of my dress and voila - static cling is history! Depending on how dry the air is where you live and how clingy your clothing is, you may have to use more than one safety pin. This is the best tip I have found for resolving static cling so I always keep a few extra safety pins in my purse so I'm ready when static electricity decides to attack!

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