5-Minute Home Makeover with Personalized Canvas Prints

Looking to do some interior designing? Bring new life into your home with these easy and fun home makeover tips! 

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Straighten out an odd-shaped room

Some rooms are a bit like the oddly proportioned vegetables that always seem to get left at the bottom of the pail. Maybe you wouldn’t pick them first, but they’ve got more potential than you think!

You can make L-shaped rooms and other misfits seem more coherent by placing furniture at a 45-degree angle. This will help to make a virtue out of those unusual proportions.

Another challenge is to get the lighting right—the tucked-away parts of the room always seem to be gloomier than other sections. Not anyone has the time or money to install skylights, but standing a tall floor lamp in the “crook” of the room will spread light evenly and get the whole room feeling like a cohesive unit.

And if you don’t have time to repaint in light colors, hanging a large brightly colored poster will make any nook seem a bit less shadowy. 

Photo Prints to Photo Decor

We all love to print our favorite photos and display them in our homes. But some photos deserve that little bit extra.

Now, thanks to the rise of online custom printing services, you can go BIG with your most precious photos and turn them into statement decor pieces. Meaning you can do full justice to your photo memories…and also transform the look of a room in moments.

The photo printing experts at CanvasDiscount.com are ready to turn your photos into stunning wall art. You just upload a digital file of whichever image you want printed and they’ll do the rest. 

There’s a wide choice of materials to print on: metal, wood, acrylic and more. Though our top tip is canvas prints. These see your photo reproduced on canvas material which is then wrapped on a real wooden frame in the traditional gallery style. The perfect mix of timeless craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology.

Throws of Passion

Is your sofa looking like its salad days have long since wilted? Your armchair looking scuffed and shabby? We all know that furniture isn’t just functional, it’s an integral part of your decor scheme—so a tired three-piece suite can drain the energy from a whole room.

But we also know reupholstering means paying eye-watering prices…while buying furniture new can bring you to actual floods of tears. 

The quick and easy solution? Throw on a throw.

A well-chosen embroidered cover can transform an aging sofa from shabby to chic in seconds, never mind minutes. You can cover up wear and experiment with contrasts of tone and texture to create a whole new mood.

And of course, throws come with another great advantage – unlike that grubby chaise-longue, they fit in the washing machine!

The Green Movement

If you want to make your living space a bit livelier, what better than some decor additions that are, well, actually alive?

Many of us spend a fortune on fabrics and paints to achieve an organic mood when the enchanting colors and textures of houseplants can achieve the same effect in an instant.

A yucca plant has the bold character to become the focal point of a whole room, so standing one in the corner will redefine the rest of your decor choices and bring the room together. It’s the ultimate unapologetic statement piece.

A peace lily, meanwhile, has all the elegant, sinuous charm of an Art Nouveau sideboard. If you want to bring some fin de siècle glamour to your boudoir, one of these beauties will have the same effect as an antique vase, and at a fraction of the cost.

And the greatest benefit that plants give you? They actually produce oxygen. So as well as giving your decor a new twist, they’ll help you feel more positive too as you breathe in the cleaner, sweeter air.

Cut a Rug!

Carpeting an entire room is a large-scale project and will swallow lots of time and money—besides which it can make a space feel drearily suburban and out of time.

If you love your wooden floorboards but want your room to be a bit softer on the eye (not to mention on the heels), laying a rug down is the ultimate 5-minute makeover masterstroke.

A wooden floor will be superbly forgiving of almost any style of rug you choose—so a Persian will knit together with the timeless appeal of the wood, while a bold modernist design will be softened by the natural tones of the floorboards for a look that’s punchy without being harsh.

You don’t need to buy a huge roll-up that will stretch almost to the walls. A rug that’s scarcely wider than your coffee table can still break up the austere sweep of your bare flooring while acting as a focal point too. Just bear in mind that placing your rug dead center can produce a lifeless “show home” effect.