6 Decorating Ideas for Spring

Freshen up your home with these spring decorating ideas.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #196

With warmer weather just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking of updates around your home to bring the freshness of Spring. Here are six ideas that can help you freshen up your living space and get you in the mood for Spring!

1.) Add Plants and Flowers

Nothing says spring like live plants and flowers. It is super refreshing to see new life popping up around the streets and yards, so why not bring some of that into your own home to help celebrate Spring? Potted plants are a great, affordable way to bring life into your home. On your next trip to the grocery store, check out the live plants they have in their floral section. You can often find easy-care plants that need little to no maintenance. You may also want to check out the produce section to see if there are any live herb plants that you can take home to use for decoration, as well as cooking. And the floral section is always great to find a bouquet to take home and liven up your table.

If you find that the plants or flowers from your grocery store don’t last as long as you want them to, you may want to check out a wholesaler and see if you can get the plants or flowers from them instead. This will often cut out the time it takes the wholesaler to sell the same items to the grocery store, which means they have been out of the ground for less time. This will help extend the life, especially of fresh flowers, and enjoyment you get from them.

2.) Swap Bed Linens

Spring is a great time to swap out your bed linens. In the winter, we often put heavier linens on our beds to help keep us warmer at night. Often times those linens are actually a darker, heavier color as well, which can start to feel too drab with the spring weather. To help prepare for the warmer weather, swap out your bed linens for ones that are lighter, both in weight, but also in color. Look for light weight quilts to replace heavy duvets, and thin blankets to replace the fluffy ones you’ve been using as insulation. If you can find these in light, fresh colors, they can also help give your entire bedroom a different feel and make your bed seem brand new.

In the master bedroom at our house, the bedroom is painted with different shades of brown. In the winter, we use a dark chocolate colored duvet cover on a super thick down comforter. In the springtime, though, we swap both of those items out for lighter ones. Our spring and summer bed covering is a lightweight synthetic-filled comforter with an aqua colored duvet cover. As soon as we put the lighter cover on, the entire room brightens and helps us get into the mood of longer days and warmer weather.

3.) Switch Your Towels

Just like swapping your bed linens can freshen up your bedroom, switching out the towels in your home can also help lighten up the rooms. By replacing dark colored bath and hand towels with light colored ones, you can instantly give your bathroom a different feel. If you feel really motivated, you may also consider switching the shower curtain and any bath mats or rugs in the room as well. And don’t forget to give the bathroom a good cleaning and decluttering session while you’re at it. It’s easy to let the condition of the bathroom fall behind during the winter, but the longer days of spring mean that you’ll have more daylight to look at the bathroom counters. Make sure they are looking good by doing a quick spring cleaning on them.