6 Fun DIY Wall Décor Ideas

Empty wall space? Spice it up with mirrors, cheap frames, post cards, an dmore with these DIY interior design tips.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Do you have an old, dusty picture hanging in a place of prominence on your wall? Has it finally worn out its welcome? If so, replacing it with a large mirror can help brighten and reinvigorate your room.

Kitchen Decorating Idea

A fun and vintage-looking decoration for a kitchen is framed seed packets. Dig through whatever is available at your gardening store, then carefully slit the top to let the seeds loose. Center the empty pack on a matte or solid-color background, then glue with rubber cement or white glue. Frame, then hang on the wall for a perfectly themed picture.

Home Skillet

You treasure your grandmother’s antique cast iron pans, but you hate cooking in them! Repurpose these kitchen classics as magnet boards by hanging them from hooks and using some refrigerator magnets to hang recipe cards, postcards, artwork, and more.

It Beats Buying Limited-Edition Prints

If you’ve got lots of bare wall space that you need to fill, there’s a way to fill it cheaply and attractively. Buy a pile of cheap frames at the store, and then head to your nearest used bookstore to find a discounted art or photography book on a subject that interests you. When you find an image you like, use a box opener or X-Acto knife to cut the image out of the book cleanly. (Instead of a book, you can also use your favorite wall calendar from a year gone by.) If all the images you use come from the same book, the pages will all be the same size, which will enable you to arrange the frames in a cohesive way on the wall.

Postcard Pizzazz

For beautiful art at cheap prices, try the gift shop of an art museum. They sell a wide variety of prints from their collection (and sometimes famous works as well) available in several different styles. Our favorite gift shop buy, however, is art postcards. Buy some cheap, black plastic frames, pop your postcards inside, and you have a lovely mini art display for your wall.

Fun Addition to a Child’s Room

Here’s a great decorating idea for a child’s room: make a magnetic chalkboard out of the wall! This can be easily accomplished by purchasing a can of magnetic paint and a can of chalkboard paint, both of which should be available at your local hardware store and will run you about $15-$25 apiece. Mark off the area that you’re going to paint with masking tape, and remember that it can be any shape or size. Then paint several layers of the magnetic paint, waiting for each layer to dry before adding another layer on top of it. Finally, paint on a layer of the chalkboard paint and let it sit for two to three days. With the help of some magnets, you’ll be able to hang your child’s artwork on the wall, and she’ll be able to doodle to her heart’s delight.

Family Time

Big wall space to fill? Place a clock in the center of your wall, and circle it with 12 photo frames, each one placed where the hour would be. For example, you can put a wedding photo at 12:00, a picture of your child at 1:00, Grandma at 2:00, and so on. It will look great and be a great way to display family memories.

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