Backyard Wedding Ideas

Traditional weddings can be costly and routine. That’s why many folks are opting for a backyard wedding. Try these 3 tips from Domestic CEO to make your wedding fun, memorable, and inexpensive.

Amanda Thomas,
July 10, 2014
Episode #054

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Planning a wedding can be one of the most exciting times of a person’s life. Not only are you planning the day that you will commit to living with another person forever, but you are also throwing a party so that your closest friends and family members can celebrate with you.

Backyard Wedding Ideas

Given the often extraordinary costs of weddings these days, many more people are opting for backyard weddings. If you’re one of them (or are considering it), you are likely looking for ideas that will make your wedding day unique, memorable, as well as fit within a smaller budget than is usually reserved for big traditional weddings.

In today’s episode, I’ll be giving you 3 backyard wedding ideas that can help you create a memorable day without blowing your budget:

Tip #1: Let Nature Set the Stage

When you’re planning a backyard wedding, you want to first make sure you have the right backyard. Make a list of your friends and family members who would let you use their backyard for the celebration. I would highly recommend not using your own backyard for this occasion because you already have enough on your plate as the bride or groom. There’s no need to add the stress of making your house spotless to your growing to-do list.

Once you have a list of close friends and family members who are willing to lend you their yard and home for a day, start touring their yards and taking pictures.

At each location, you will want to find 2 distinct areas where people will be able to gather. The first is the space where the ceremony will be held, and the second is where the food will be served. You want to have two different spaces so your guests can focus on you rather than the scent of the baked ziti on the food table right behind them. It will also allow you to set everything up before the wedding starts (in other words, there will be fewer things to transition with a yard full of people). That’s why I recommend having two distinct areas that will comfortably hold all your guests.

In the ceremony space, consider where the altar (or whatever you intend to get married in) be located. Once you figure out where the most beautiful views of the yard are, you will want to determine how you can set up the chairs so everyone can see you. Also, make sure to visit at the time of day your wedding will be held so you can see how the sun will affect your seating arrangement. Will your guests be staring into the sun, or worse yet will you be squinting in all your pictures? Those are important things to consider.