Christmas Crafts: Decorative Yarn Trees

Domestic CEO shares her easy DIY instructions for making your own decorative yarn trees for the holidays.

Amanda Thomas

Christmas Crafts: Decorative Yarn Trees

As I mentioned in the episode on making your own Christmas tree ornaments, the holidays tend to bring out my crafty side. And this year, I’m feeling particularly crafty.

I was so proud of my three easy homemade Christmas ornaments, and now I have to brag about the little decorative yarn trees I crafted this past week. These little cuties were so ridiculously easy to make, I almost feel guilty showing them off. I got the idea from HGTV.com and decided to give them a try.

All the project took was a Styrofoam cone, two colors of thick yarn, a fake branch of berries, and about 15 stick pins. 

To start, I pinned the ends of the yarn at the base of the cone and made the first row of colors, securing the yarn with a pin about every 1 ½ to 2 inches. Then, keeping the yarn untangled, I wound the yarn around the cone, moving up as I went along. Because the Styrofoam is rough, it holds the yarn in place, so make sure to keep your lines close together as you move toward the top. It’s a lot easier than trying to push the rows together after they’re placed. Once I got to the top, I secured the yarn on the side of the cone, then used about 6 pins to hold a swirl on the top of the cone.

To “decorate” the tree, I cut the berries from the branch, leaving about ¾” of the wire stem on each. Then I distributed the berries around the tree, pushing their wire into the foam. Here’s where your own personal preferences come into play. You can get fancy and place a wire star on top of the tree, but I preferred the simplistic look without a star.

After showing the finished product to Mr. Domestic CEO, I decided that this little guy would be even better if there were two of him. Pretty good, right?!?

Give it a try in your own home and let me know how it goes!

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