Easy Kitchen Window Treatments

Adding window treatments to your kitchen is an easy and fabulous way to spruice up the space. Domestic CEO has some simple, inexpensive ideas that pack a punch.

Amanda Thomas
2-minute read

Adding a window treatment to your kitchen is an easy way to perk up a tired looking space. If you aren’t handy with a sewing machine, this task may seem a bit daunting but don’t worry!  Here are two easy window treatments that can add a little pizzazz to your kitchen design:

Adding cafe curtains is easier than you think. First, choose your curtain rod. Is there enough wall space around your window to add curtain brackets? If so, choose a café curtain rod that comes with brackets. Those brackets are easily installed with a screwdriver or drill and some quick measuring. Most curtain rods will come with simple instructions.  If this task still seems overwhelming, here’s a helpful video that walks you step by step through the entire process.

If there is not enough wall space to install brackets, you may want to consider using a spring tension rod. The situation that calls for this would be when your kitchen cabinets flank both sides of your window and there’s a very small amount of wall space around your cabinets to work with. A spring tension rod does not require brackets. Measure the amount of space from the cabinet on one side of the window all the way over to the same height at the opposite cabinet on the other side of the window. This is the length of tension rod you’ll need. Most tension rods can be adjusted for a variety of widths. For example, you can purchase a rod that fits 36 through 48 inches. To install, you simply adjust the tension screw on the back to the correct width and then position the rod between your two cabinets. You may want to use a level to make sure the rod is even.

Café curtains are a simple panel usually attached to ring clips that are inserted onto the curtain rod. Since your curtain is being clipped, you do not need to use panels that have a rod pocket. In fact, you don’t need to use curtain panels at all! Some of the cutest kitchen window treatments are vintage kitchen dish towels simply attached to ring clips. Depending on the size of your window, sometimes cloth napkins work well, too. Of course, there are loads of café-style curtain panels available at stores everywhere. Be sure to take your measurements with you when window shopping.

To add a quick splash of color to your window without obstructing the view, installing a valance is a good option. A valance is installed at the top of your window and just dresses things up a little without blocking the scenery. When using a valance, you probably want to go with mounting a curtain rod to the wall.  Valances can be found at any home goods store or discount store. Again, try using something out of the ordinary…a few cloth napkins or a cute scarf. Anything can be clipped into curtain ring clips.

For additional easy window treatment ideas, click here. Just remember, adding a simple curtain treatment to your kitchen space is a quick, refreshing change that you’ll appreciate every time you look out the window!

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