Fall Décor Ideas

Looking to update your décor for this fall? Try the Domestic CEO’s clever ideas for using natural items in your home. 

Amanda Thomas
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Episode #33

Fall Décor Ideas

Bringing nature into your home décor is fun to do year round, but there is something about the fall that inspires natural style even more. The colors, the textures, they all make us feel cozy and want to snuggle in next to a fire.

If you want to bring a little nature into your home this fall, today’s episode is for you. Whether your home is done in a classic/traditional style with earth tones, or is boldly modern, there are ways to incorporate nature into your particular style:

Idea #1: Leaves

Nothing says fall like dried leaves. These autumn staples can easily be incorporated into your home décor, with very little work. First, make sure they’re clean. Brush them with a soft toothbrush to remove any excess dirt. Also, check them for bugs. The last thing you want is to bring in an infestation of tiny beetles on your decorations. Once you’ve cleaned them, they are ready for display.


ll you need is a tall, white jar candle, a glass hurricane, and a glue gun. Glue leaves to the outside of the jar, near the bottom. Just put one little dot of glue on each leaf (it can be in the middle, or towards an edge of the leaf), then affix the leaf to the glass jar. When you have the leaves assembled how you like them, put the decorated candle into the hurricane. The candle can be lit because it will burn down into the glass jar, and the hurricane will keep all the leaves protected from getting broken. And presto, a gorgeous centerpiece for your dining room table!

Another idea is to assemble 3-4 battery powered, white pillar candles on a white tray. Spread dried leaves around the base of the candles to bring color to the piece. Just make sure to use battery powered candles so you don’t risk starting a fire.

If you want to display the leaves in a frame year round, you will need to dry and press them first. This can be done using an old book with non-glossy pages (a phone book is great – you’re probably looking for a use for the phone book anyway). Arrange leaves in between pages. You can put multiple leaves on one page as long as they don’t touch. Make sure to keep several pages between the leaves to ensure there is enough dry paper to pull the moisture out of the leaves. Once you have them all in the book to be pressed, place something heavy on the book and put it on an out-of-the way shelf. They need to stay like this for about 3 weeks. After they’re thoroughly dried, pull them out and frame them for instant (and cheap) wall art.

Idea #2: Pine cones

Pine cones are another fall staple. Like with leaves, make sure to clean them off well before bringing them into your home. If you want to glam them up, think spray paint and glitter. Painting pine cones white gives them an instant glam look. After they’re painted, use a little brush to paint the tips with glue and sprinkle glitter over the glue. They’re instantly super modern looking, and worthy of even the most posh décor!

Whether they are rustic or sparkly, you can pile the pine cones in hurricanes to go on the mantle or on shelves. To create a simple, yet elegant centerpiece, pile a few pine cones on a cake platter or in a glass bowl. Put it in the center of your table, with a few small pumpkins or gourds around it, and you have a very natural-looking table top.

Idea #3: Twigs and Branches

Now that you have the leaves and pine cones incorporated into your décor, the only thing missing are the actual branches and twigs from the tree. What?!? Bring in an entire branch? Yep! Larger branches can be used on mantels, across a fireplace hearth, or on top of a low bookcase. Just like with the pine cones, you can leave them natural, or spray paint them to match your existing style.

Smaller branches and twigs are great for table tops. Lay them out on the center of a dining room table to create a seasonal centerpiece. Add a few candles or painted pine cones if you want more flair and variety.

Looking for something for an end table or console table? Grab a big vase or glass jar and stand smaller branches and twigs upright inside the jar. Keep them natural or spray paint them to give your room an unexpected pop of color. If you really want to bring nature into your home, trim a small branch with its fall leaves still attached and use that in the vase instead. Just make sure to remember to check for bugs and dirt on all the twigs and branches before bringing them inside!

Now that you have a few ideas to get you started, it’s time to channel your earth girl or guy and start bringing nature into your home’s décor. The best part about all these items is that they can be found for free in your front yard, or in a local park (just make sure you have permission before you trim any branches from trees!). Experiment, make mistakes, and take some risks in your décor this season!

Do you have some other ideas for how to incorporate nature into your home décor? Please post them in comments below, or on the Domestic CEO Facebook wall. You can also find me on Twitter @TheDomesticCEO

Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO, helping you love your home.

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