The Best Stores for Affordable Home Furnishings

The only four stores you need to be able to furnish an entire home.

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #212

Over the past couple years, my husband and I have had the opportunity to furnish a number of homes. Not only do we have a couple homes that we have set up as short-term rentals, but he also manages a number of short-term and vacation rentals in Arizona. Part of the service he offers to his clients is to furnish the home, top to bottom. While I typically try and keep my nose out of his business, this is something that I really enjoy helping him with.

We have gotten our process down to a science in the Phoenix area. We stick to certain stores because they consistently offer the best prices on quality furniture that lasts. By using the stores I’m going to tell you about today, we have been able to furnish three bedroom homes for around $12,000, including all the dishes, linens, and décor. If you’re in the market to make a change in your home’s furnishings, these are the stores I would highly recommend checking out first if they are in your area. (Oh and just to be clear, none of these stores paid me to recommend them; they're just the ones I've found over time to have the best prices and offerings!)

American Furniture Warehouse

American Furniture Warehouse is hands-down the easiest place to buy a house full of affordable furniture. While they carry luxury furnishings as well, we have been thoroughly impressed with the quality of their lower priced furniture. For example, their sofas start at under $300 and entire bedroom sets for under $700. The last home we furnished we even found a leather King-size bed frame on clearance for $150.

As soon as you step foot in to an American Furniture Warehouse, you’ll start to understand why we love it for getting all the larger furniture pieces for the homes we work with. The furniture is set up in vignettes so you can see how pieces can work together. They also have an area with individual accent pieces so you can mix and match the smaller pieces in to your room’s need.

The only challenge with AFW is they have a limited number of locations. They started in Colorado and that’s where the majority of their stores are currently located. Luckily we now have two stores in the Phoenix area, but they haven’t gotten outside these two states yet. Even if you aren’t in Colorado or Arizona, but you are within driving distance of one of their stores, you’ll likely end up saving money by renting a moving truck and filling it with the furnishings you find at AFW. Just make sure you have your room measurements with you to ensure you get the right size furniture on your home furnishing road trip.

At Home

Another store that we have found some great furniture deals at is called At Home. This store recently popped up in the Phoenix area, and from their website it looks like they are quickly spreading across the US, with stores currently in or coming to most states.

While At Home does have a few vignettes set up to highlight a furniture combinations, it is mostly set up like a warehouse with all the furniture displayed by like items. For the most part, all the headboards are in one area, all the coffee tables in another, and all the chairs in another area. While this means it may take a little more effort and imagination to put together an entire room, it also means you can get some fun inspiration and end up with a more creative setup than you would at other furniture stores.

Another benefit that At Home stores offer is that they carry pretty much anything and everything you can imagine to furnish your home. They have rugs of all sizes, decorative pillows, wall decorations, curtains, patio furniture, and cleaning tools in addition to the furniture. You could make this store a one-stop shop if you want, but not all their prices are as competitive as their furniture prices.

I do have to admit though, they do some great sales, so if you can pop in to an At Home when they are doing their clearance sales, you can probably find some very fun items at super low prices. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for the treasures.