10 Tips for Organizing Open Bathroom Shelves

Open bathroom shelving is a great opportunity to combine organization and design. Here are Domestic CEO's 1o tips to make sure those shelves are both functional and fashionable!

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #106

Tip #6: Show off your towels

Fold towels neatly to provide organized, presentable storage. When it comes to open shelving, neatness does count. Take a few extra minutes to fold all the towels in the same uniform manner. Another display or storage option for towels is to roll and store them in a basket sitting on its side. A basket of folded or rolled washcloths suddenly becomes not only storage, but eye-pleasing bathroom art.

Tip #7: Don’t forget the bathtub toys

Store your kids' tub toys in an adorable, brightly-colored bin or basket and set this on a bottom shelf. This way, you’ve got organized bathroom storage that's also pleasing to the eye. Teach kids to round up their tub toys at the end of bath time to keep an organized, clean look to their shelf.

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Tip #8: Add a personal bath time picture

Besides the essentials, add a framed picture or two of bath time to your open shelves. No, I don’t mean a picture of you or your spouse - I mean a photo of your kids making funny faces in their bubble bath. That's a surefire way to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

No kids in the house? How about a picture of your pooch in a bath!

Tip #9: Be innovative with storage pieces

Using mason jars or small juice glasses to store cotton swabs, cotton balls, or other small items is an inexpensive, yet stylish choice. If you’ve got numerous jars or stored items, set them all together on a tray and suddenly your mish mash of jars becomes bathroom art. You’ll have form and function all at the same time.

Tip #10: Think outside the room

Why not enhance your morning bathroom routine with music or coffee? Adding a small iPod docking station to play music or a mini coffee maker to your open shelving suddenly gives your bathroom an upscale hotel feel. Just imagine getting up in the morning and your coffee is ready to go just steps from your bed.  Or enjoy relaxing music as you settle in to a warm bubble bath!

When styling the open shelving in your bathroom, think about what makes you happy. What will make this space more personalized? Get your storage containers loaded in first and then add the personality around it. Your favorite small piece of art or that cute little jewelry box from your favorite aunt will add your own individual touch to a room that you spend a good amount of time in. 

Organizing open shelving in the bathroom is not so overwhelming once you break things down into steps. I hope using these 10 easy steps for creating beautiful bathroom storage inspires you to add some beauty to your bathroom. Start your day in a happy way!

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Until next time, I’m the Domestic CEO helping you love your home.


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