15 Surprising Storage Hacks for Your Home

Make the most of your mess with these DIY storage tips.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
3-minute read

From repurposing old frames to salvaging empty Tic Tac containers, everything can finally have a place—and for less.

Organized Anywhere

1. A Basket Beyond the Kitchen
A hanging fruit basket can hold much more than simply fruit. Try using it in the bathroom to keep washcloths and bath toys handy—you can hang it right over the shower bar. Or put it to work storing old rags in the garage or basement. Fill it with balls of yarn in an area where you knit or crochet. Have it hold hats and gloves near an entryway.

2. An Attractive Solution
Magnetic knife strips are a handy kitchen idea, but they can stretch a lot farther. They’ll grab keys near the door, matchbox cars in the playroom, nail clippers and bobby pins in the bathroom, and all kinds of tools in the garage. We’re positive you’ll find all sorts of uses!

3. Make Removable Labels
Not ready to commit to sticky labels? Just use plastic wrap! You can write right on the wrap secured around the item.

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Clean Closets and Drawers

4. More Storage Space for Kids
If a child’s room has a super-small closet or no closet at all, there’s a fun and simple solution. Simply loft their bed, then attach a clothing bar to the wall in the space beneath. Enclose the area with curtains to create a mini dressing room (according to mom and dad) or a secret hiding place (so says your kid).

5. Better Boot Storage
Boots never seem to fit quite right into any organizer designed to hold shoes. But you can keep your boots from just hanging out on the floor by hanging them with pant hangers! You can prevent the hangers from leaving marks on your boots by placing a thick piece of fabric or newspaper around the top of the boots before hanging them.

6. File Your Flip-Flops
Flip-flops and sandals store neatly inside a letter organizer or magazine holder. They’ll stay nice and tight out the way—yet easy to grab when you need them.

7. Frame Your Shoes
Have space under a bed or dresser for storage? Stash shoes there with easy access. Simply organize them on top of an old, large picture frame to create a shoe tray that slides easily.

8. No-Cost No-Slip Hangers
Tired of finding clothes on the floor, but not so keen on the prospect of buying all new padded hangers? Make your own: All you need is a hot glue gun! Dab glue onto the shoulders or bottom rung of the hangers. Let it dry, then remove any flyaways around the spots of glue. Once the hangers are completely cool, hang your clothes and voilà! Shirts, dresses, and pants stay put. Another option: Wrap pipe cleaners around instead of gluing at those spots—the friction will help clothing stay put.


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