How to Organize a Linen Closet

Ready to make your linen closet look amazing? Check out these 4 tips from Domestic CEO on how to organize your linen closet.

Amanda Thomas
4-minute read
Episode #94

Last week’s episode taught you how to sort through and clean out your linen closet. Getting rid of raggedy, old towels and threadbare sheets is so cleansing and liberating…really!

Did you replace those old relics with some new, beautiful items from a January white sale? I hope so! Now it’s on to organizing the linen closet in a useful, yet eye-pleasing way.

A good first step is to remove everything from the closet. Hopefully, you already did this when you sorted and purged through all the old stuff. Now, take stock of how much of each item you have. If your closet is like mine, each shelf is exactly the same distance from the next shelf so a small stack of one thing and a big stack of another don’t always work well in a closet like this. There are a few solutions that will help with this dilemma. You can purchase wire mesh shelving made specifically for maximizing storage space like this.  My favorite can be found at The Container Store. Another solution is using baskets for storage. I’ll talk more about those in a bit..

Stack the Sheets

Folding your linens in a uniform manner is key for neat, user-friendly organization.  There are two approaches to folding your bed sheets. For an ultra-sleek appearance, I like to stack all my same-sized flat sheets on one pile, all fitted sheets on another pile, and finally, all pillowcases on their own stack. I love the look of crisply folded flat sheets stacked one on top of another. My sheet sets are interchangeable as far as style goes, so sometimes I like to mix it up: a solid-colored flat sheet with a printed fitted sheet and yet another set of pillow cases.

If that’s too wild and crazy for you, why not try folding your sheets in a way that makes them the right size to store inside a pillow case? This way, you could store an entire matching set in one pillowcase! When you do this, everything you need to re-make the bed is in one, easy-to-grab package. This also makes for nice, tidy storage.

I recommend folding sheets and towels on a large flat surface – ideally a larger table. This helps keep your sheets from dragging on the floor when you try to fold them while standing, but also provides a great surface for smoothing out any wrinkles. Folding on a flat surface makes it easier to fold with crisp, neat edges. Be sure to smooth the sheets with your hands after every fold. This extra little maneuver helps create a crisp, precise edge to your folded sheet.