How to Organize Your Purse

Are you constantly losing items in your abyss of a purse? Check out these quick tips to get your handbag under control in no time!

Amanda Thomas
5-minute read
Episode #110

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I have a friend (who shall remain nameless) who constantly digs through her purse muttering “Where are my keys” or “I know it’s in here somewhere!”

Does this describe you? Does the interior of your purse resemble a war zone? If so, follow my smart, easy tips for how to organize your purse and your daily fishing expeditions will vanish!;

Step #1: Choose the Right Purse

Consider purchasing a purse that has some organization built right into it. I know fashion is important for us women, but if you are constantly purchasing the “giant suitcase” purse that resembles Mary Poppins’ magical satchel, you will definitely be losing stuff in the depths of your bag. There are plenty of cute, stylish purses that offer multiple compartments for storage, credit cards, keys, cell phones, and more.

Step #2: Dump the Stuff Out

Next, dump everything out of your current purse. Empty it on the table or kitchen counter so you’ve got some room to work. You need to divide all the contents into piles. Your piles might include:

  • Makeup
  • Personal items like gum, dental floss, pain reliever, etc.
  • Credit cards
  • Store loyalty cards
  • Feminine products
  • Keys
  • Cell phone, iPod, headphones, ear buds
  • Pens, pencils
  • Cash (bills and coins)
  • Sunglasses

You may have a host of other things, but just put like items together.

Step #3: Organize

Now, take a look at the purse you want everything to go back in to. Are there various separate storage areas? Decide what should go where. I like to keep the things I use the most – my wallet, store loyalty cards, keys, sunglasses, and lip balm - in the easiest places to get at. Your list of “get to quickly” items might be different, but you get the idea. Load those items into your purse first.  So, what’s left? Here are some storage solutions for a number of the things listed above. Try one or all of them!

  • Store your ear buds in a small zippered pouch. I wrap the cord around my fingers until it’s all wrapped up in a circle, then tuck them in a small zippered pouch. I never struggle with tangled cords anymore. When I’m ready to listen to music or talk hands free, I have quick access to my ear buds.

  • Stow your makeup in a small, zippered makeup bag so it’s easy to grab when you need a quick touch-up. This also keeps lip gloss or mascara from bursting open and getting all over the interior of your purse.

  • Keep a minimal amount of coins either in a small coin purse or if you’ve got a wallet with a coin area, toss your coins in there. Remember to keep a minimal amount of coin in your purse. Coins add a lot of weight to your bag and who needs that?