How to Set Up and Organize your Perfect Home Office

Is working from home is your new normal? Check out these tips to help you set up the perfect work space in your home. 

Amanda Thomas
6-minute read
Episode #126

Working from home is awesome. It provides freedom and ease in your life. But, if you’re like a lot of people, you may not have a designated office space in your home or apartment. Sure, you can sit on the couch with your laptop and spread your work files out on the coffee table, but that temporary work space feeling can interfere with your work production. If working from home is your new normal, consider setting up a permanent, designated space in your home. I have some helpful solutions to get you headed in the right direction. Separating work and living space is easier than you think.>

When planning your home office, there are a few things that should be essential considerations when deciding on a location and the overall design of your office. You might be thinking, hey, it’s just an office so why should design even play into it? Studies show that the environment you are working in directly affects the quality of your production. We all know this can apply to bosses or co-workers, but it also relates to how your environment looks, feels, and even smells. Here are a few of the rules I followed when setting up my own home office.

  • If possible, locate your work space near a source of natural light. Enjoying light from a window or door can make a world of difference in how you feel after working for eight hours. Make sure you also have adequate lighting for cloudy days or when the sun goes down.
  • What’s the noise level in the proposed work space? Do you hear the neighbors screaming kids? Maybe there’s a train that runs nearby that can be heard in the front of the house but not the back. Set up your office where noise will not be a distraction--for you, or the people you interact with on the phone or computer. I like to play classical music while working. Using a wireless speaker makes it easy to have quiet, calming music playing while getting work done. Spotify and Itunes have playlists that work perfectly to create a calm, productive environment.
  • Make sure your office space is in a comfortable climate. Don’t locate your office in the frigid attic where numb hands and frozen feet will be a constant issue. Likewise, you don’t want to be hot and sweaty when you’re trying to meet a deadline. If you don’t have an option, choose a way to control the climate with either a space heater or an AC unit.
  • Design your work area so it matches your taste. This space should be a place that feels good to you. I recently decorated my office using light, fresh colors, white furniture, and shimmery accessories and details. Whatever your design taste is, make it part of your work space. If you have to spend eith hours a day in your office, why not make it a space that helps you feel relaxed?  If you are unsure what your design style might be, check out my Pinterest board for home office inspiration.
  • Your office space should smell good. Working in an office building sometimes provides you with less-than-desirable scents. The weird smell coming from the air vents or your co-worker’s overpowering perfume can make for a long day. With your office at home, you have control of what you smell. I like to burn a scented candle in my work space. You can also use essential oils to create a wonderful atmosphere. The scent of lemon is calming and promotes clear thinking. Lavender reduces stress. Peppermint helps with brainstorming and gives a boost of energy. Maybe you want a candle that smells like apple pie, reminding you of grandma’s house --all cozy and comforting. Smell is a powerful sense. 


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