Guess Who Is Expecting? Domestic CEO's "Baby Bump" in the Road

What happens when you get a big surprise while living in an RV? It becomes your "bump" in the road!

Amanda Thomas
2-minute read

When we started our adventure of living full time in an RV, we knew there would be some unexpected events along the way. We had been warned about flat tires, engine break downs, and the arguments that can happen when two people learn to live in less than 200 square feet on wheels. We thought we were ready for pretty much anything life threw at us. Little did we know that we would have a very big unexpected surprise come our way.

About a month after we had been living in our RV, we found out that I was pregnant, a quite literal bump on the road!

Before you make a joke like, “That’s what happens when you live in such a small space!” I’ll clarify that we got pregnant right before we officially moved in. Not that when we conceived is anyone’s business, but people seem to get stuck on the idea of us getting pregnant on the road, so I find myself clarifying this little detail just to move conversation along most days.

At this point, I am six-months along, and have been able to see my doctor during my trips back to Arizona. I feel very fortunate to have an OB that is a world traveler, and appreciate that his first two questions to me on my visits are usually, “How far did you guys get this month?” and “How are you feeling?”—in that order.

All in all, the pregnancy has been going well. I haven’t had any morning sickness (yes, I realize how lucky I am), I’m still able to climb up to our over the cab bed, and Mr. DCeo and I both can still be in the tiny kitchen. Visiting new cities helps me walk 3-5 miles most days, which is helping me keep up my energy and stay healthy. I’m feeling good, and I am adjusting to my reflection in the mirror as it seems to be changing much quicker lately.

We know that having a baby is going to change things for us, but we also know there are many families living on the road with kids. At this point we’ve decided that we’ll be taking a little break from RV living to have the baby, but are leaving our options open to returning back to our motor home as soon as baby and I are ready.

We’re taking things day by day, and trying to see as many places as we can before we head back to meet our new little one.