How One Couple Works While Living on the Road Full Time

See how Domestic CEO and her husband make a living—while living on the road.

Amanda Thomas,
March 18, 2016

“So…. do you work?”

Of all the questions we are asked about living on the road, this is the most common one we get. It makes sense because most people we meet who are living the RV life are retired and at least 25 years older than us. They aren’t used to meeting couples in their mid-30s in the RV parks, and they are trying to figure out how we can be living on the road during the peak of our professional years.

In case you’re curious about how we are supporting ourselves while living on the road, I’ll give you a little insight into our professional lives.

As you can probably guess, writing and podcasting is a big part of what I do from the road. I make sure I have a new podcast each week, and I try to get as many blogs written as time allows. I’ve been hosting the Domestic CEO for over three years, so I love how living in a tiny house on wheels provides me with a new point of view and new content!

In addition to the writing, Mr. DCeo and I own and run two service-based businesses back in Arizona. A number of people we have talked with are able to work solely online from the road, but we have a somewhat unique position because we are still managing teams of people across the country.

The amazing people we have working with us are THE reason we are able to live on the road.

The first of our businesses is a house cleaning and home organizing business that’s been in existence for just over 8 years. For the first 6 years, I was super involved in the day-to-day operations of this business. When we first started to think about living on the road, we realized that we needed to get systems set up to so the business could run without relying on me to be there every day. That process and transition took about 2 years, and was a LOT of hard work, but totally worth it. We now have an incredible group of women running things and my role has evolved into to helping them set goals and help them reach these goals, which I can do from the road and through periodic in-person visits.

The second business we have is a vacation rental consultant and management business. This business is newer, but was set up with the same goal of being able to work from the road. Mr. DCeo does most of his work online, and then has an amazing team in Arizona that provides the “boots on the ground” to make sure the properties are taken care of.

We both travel back to Phoenix more often than we like to admit, but we built airfare into our plans and budgets when we started. It takes a lot of coordination, but it helps us focus and maximize the time we have together on the road. We also use a lot of cell phone minutes and data to make sure we are always available for our teams.

The final way we support ourselves is through real estate. We have two properties in Arizona that are set up as furnished rentals and rented for 30 or more days at a time. Not only does this create passive income for us, but it also gives us two places to stay if our trips line up in between tenant stays.

So, yes, as you can see we do work from the road. It’s actually something we’ve learned is key to being able to stay on this journey. We have monthly expenses, so we believe it makes sense to us to continue having monthly income. The general principle we follow is having multiple income sources. This way, if one source decreases, the others can help support us that month. While it creates a few extra challenges, it has worked pretty well for us so far.

By setting up our work to be completed from virtually anywhere, we have been able to visit our families in the Midwest more often, live in an RV while exploring the southern United States, as well as travel to Asia for an extended vacation last year. It’s not always easy, but for us, the benefits outweigh the challenges and we’ll continue to figure out how to make it work!

Have you ever considered working from the road? Let me know in the comments below or on the Domestic CEO Facebook page.

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