Should You Pay Mortgage Points?

To pay or not to pay points.

Elizabeth Carlassare
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Episode #18

Now this is just a “quick and dirty” way to get a rough idea of whether paying points is worth it.  It doesn’t factor in the tax deductibility of mortgage interest. In most cases, discount points, because they’re prepaid interest, are tax deductible. It also doesn’t factor in the missed opportunity of how you might have otherwise invested the $1000.

I’ve included a link to a “points versus no points” calculator at the end of the transcript. The calculator lets you see how investing the money instead of paying points affects the decision. 

And here’s one final pointer on points: When you’re shopping for a mortgage and different lenders quote you rates, ask them to quote you the rate at no points so you can make apples-to-apples comparisons. Beware! Sometimes a lender will quote you a rate that sounds too good to be true. Be sure to ask them if you have to pay points to get that rate and, if the answer is “yes,” ask them what the rate would be with no points.


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Should I pay points to my lower rate? Click here for a calculator.

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