Complete List of Companies that Offer Free, Printable Manufacturers' Coupons

The key to extreme couponing is pairing manufacturers' coupons with store coupons and sales. But where to do you find them? Right here! Here's our all-encompassing list of 154 brands that offer free grocery, diaper, formula, makeup, soap, household product, vitamin, medicine, and pet supply coupons on their websites.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Beauty and Personal Care Coupons

Here are the beauty and personal care companies we've found that offer coupons on their websites.

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Carefree pads, liners, and other feminine care products coupons.

Clairol haircare products coupons

Depend liners coupons

Dove bodycare coupons and savings club

Cetaphil lotion coupons

Jergens lotion and bodycare products coupons

Listerine mouthwash coupons

L’Oréal haircare products coupons

Lubriderm lotion coupons

Oil of Olay coupons and savings club

Playtex tampons and feminine care products coupons

Systane eye care coupons

Tampax tampon coupons

Trojan condom coupons

Visine eye care coupons  

Diapers and Baby Supply Coupons

If you're expecting, you might want to sent up a separate email account, because to get coupons for formula, baby food, and other baby supplies, most companies want you to sign up for their newsletter or savings club. With all the savings, it's definitely worth it, especially because you can get some cool samples and other freebies as well.

Earth’s Best Organic formula and baby food coupons

Enfamil formula and baby product coupons and samples savings club

Gerber baby food savings club

Happy Baby Organic baby food newsletter (sometimes has coupons)

Huggies diaper coupons

Luvs diaper coupons and giveaways

Pampers diapers coupons

Plum Organics baby food and product savings club

Similac formula and baby product coupons and samples savings club

Food and Beverage Coupons

Here are all of the food and beverage companies we've found who offer free, printable coupons on their websites. These change often, so if coupons aren't currently being offered, make sure to check back again next month!

Apple & Eve juice coupons

Back to Nature granola and other natural product coupons

Betty Crocker (includes Bisquick, Green Giant, and Hamburger Helper) coupons

Box Tops for Education products (including Pilsbury, Johnson & Johnson, Juicy Juice, and Betty Crocker) coupons

Brown Cow dairy products newsletter (sometimes has coupons)

Campbell’s soup coupons

Coffee-Mate coffee creamer coupons

Domino sugar coupons

Ensure nutritional drink coupons

Folger's coffee newsletter (sometimes has coupons)

General Mills (includes Cheerios, Yoplait, Muir Glen Organic, Cascadian Farm, Green Giant, Progresso, and others) coupons

Goya beans, coconut milk, and ethnic food product coupons

Healthy Choice food product coupons

Hiland Dairy product coupons

Horizon Organic dairy product coupons

Hormel coupons

Juicy Juice coupons

Kellogg’s brand cereal (including Special K, Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, and Rice Krispies) coupons

Kraft (including Jell-O, Maxwell House, Planters, and Stove Top) coupons

Land o’ Lakes coupons

Mueller’s Pasta newsletter (sometimes has coupons)

Nescafé/Taster’s Choice coffee coupons

Ocean Spray cranberry juice coupons

Organic Valley dairy product coupons

Ortega Southwestern food coupons

Ovaltine drink coupons

Pillsbury coupons

Prairie Farms beverages and dairy product coupons

Simply Organic spice coupons

Smart Balance coupons

Splenda sugar substitute coupons

Tyson chicken and other frozen food product coupons

V8 juice coupons

Welch’s juice coupons  

Household Goods Coupons

From all-purpose cleaners to Ziploc bags, here are the free coupons we have found online for household products.

Arm & Hammer coupons

Clorox coupons

Colgate (including Soft Soap, Irish Spring, Palmolive, and Murphy’s Oil Soap) coupons

Cottonelle coupons

Dryel coupons

Green Works coupons

Hefty coupons

Johnson & Johnson (includes Ziploc, Scrubbing Bubbles, Glade, Windex, and Drano) coupons and savings club

Kleenex coupons

Proctor & Gamble (includes Charmin, Bounty, Puffs, Tide, Downy, Febreeze, Cascade, and Crest) coupons

Reynolds Wrap coupons

Rubbermaid coupons

Scott brand coupons

Swiffer coupons  

Medicine Coupons

Medicine can get expensive, so make sure to print out one of these coupons before you buy! For coupons for prescription medications, check out NeedyMeds.com. Advil coupons

Alaway coupons

Aleve coupons

Alka-Seltzer coupons

Allegra coupons

Benadryl coupons

Bengay coupons

Claritin coupons

Dimetapp coupons

Excedrin coupons

Lactaid coupons

Little Remedies coupons

Nasacort coupons

NasalCrom coupons

Midol coupons

Neosporin coupons

Pedicare coupons

Prilosec coupons

Robitussin coupons and newsletter

Sudafed coupons

Theraflu coupons

Triaminic coupons

Tylenol coupons

Zantac coupons

Zyrtec coupons and rewards program

Pet Food and Supply Coupons

Here are some of the coupon offers for pet food and supplies. With so many new pet food brands these days, we couldn't collect them all, so make sure to google your brand if you don't see it below!

9 Lives coupons

Alpo newsletter and coupons

Arm & Hammer cat litter coupons

Fresh Step cat litter coupons

Iams newsletter (offers coupons)

Jonny Cat newsletter and coupons

K9 Advantix coupons

Kaytee small mammal supplies coupons

Natural Balance pet food coupons

Old Mother Hubbard coupons and savings club

Pedigree coupons

Pup-peroni coupons

Purina (including Friskies) coupons

Science Diet coupons

Whiskas coupons

Vitamin Coupons

Don't pay full price for vitamins! Grab one of these free coupons first.

Centrum coupons

Coromega coupons

Flintstones coupons

NatureMade rewards program coupons

One-a-Day coupons

Sundown Naturals coupons


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