5 Tools to Manage Money and Fix Your Finances

Discover financial and productivity tools to take your money management skills to the next level with less time and hassle.

Laura Adams, MBA
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Tool #3: RoboForm

If you’re like me, you have dozens or even hundreds of logins and passwords for various sites. While it may be easy to use the same password for everything, it puts you at increased risk for identity theft. So I use Roboform to manage all my password information and can’t imagine being online without it.

One of the best features of Roboform is the password generator that allows you to create strong, unique passwords for each site without the hassle of having to remember them. Your user names and passwords are kept in one place so you can log in to all of your favorite sites quickly and securely. You just need to remember one master password that unlocks all your passwords.

There are different Roboform versions for PC, Mac, and mobile devices. The software is very secure and is even used by the U.S. government. It’s a great tool that will save you a huge amount of time and give you an added layer of protection against cyber crime, especially for your financial accounts.

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Tool #4: Quicken and QuickBooks

I don’t want to give away my age, but let’s just say that I have been using the Intuit products Quicken and QuickBooks for almost half of my life and find them invaluable.

Quicken has all the functionality you need for managing your household finances, while QuickBooks gives you more flexibility if you have a small or medium-size business. They aggregate all of your financial accounts into one dashboard and keep track of every transaction.

Both Quicken and QuickBooks allow you to categorize transactions, create budgets to track spending, pay bills automatically, and create a huge variety of reports. These are fantastic financial tools that can help you stay organized and on track to achieve your financial goals. Plus, it will save you loads of time when it comes to preparing for your annual tax returns.

My personal and business tax information is so organized that all I have to do is run a few reports at the beginning of each year. I use the desktop version but you can also use QuickBooks Online.

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Tool #5: Betterment

While you may have heard me call out Betterment as a Money Girl podcast sponsor, I was actually investing through them way before that relationship began. I like their platform because it’s really simple and easy to understand.

You can invest money in a regular taxable account or in a traditional or Roth IRA. You can even move an old workplace retirement account such as a 401(k) into a Betterment rollover IRA.

What’s unique about Betterment is that instead of having to choose specific investments, such as a stock or mutual fund, you simply follow the steps to indicate your time horizon and risk tolerance. They do the rest to make sure that your investments are aligned with your goals.

As I mentioned, I have an account with Betterment and have set my family members up with them as well because they make investing so intuitive and easy. So, if you’re intimidated by starting a retirement account or are looking for an easy way to roll over an old workplace 401(k), Betterment is a radically easy option.

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