7 Investment Rules to Make Money

Money Girl covers 7 critical investing rules to help make your money grow safely--and ensure a happy financial future.

Laura Adams, MBA
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Episode #365

Investing Rule #5: “Keep an Eye on Taxes"

"Take advantage of tax-deductible retirement accounts and understand the impact of your tax bracket when investing outside of tax-sheltered retirement accounts.”--Tyson

Investing through a retirement account, such as an IRA or workplace 401(k), comes loaded with advantages. Traditional accounts allow you to defer taxation until retirement. Roth options require tax on contributions, but allow tax-free withdrawals in retirement.

Additionally, many employers offer additional retirement matching funds, which is free money that no eligible participant should turn down.

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Investing Rule #6: “You Are What You Read and Listen To"

"Don’t pollute your mind with bad investing strategies and philosophies. The quality of what you read and listen to is far more important than the quantity.”--Tyson

That’s why I’m glad you’re reading or listening to the Money Girl podcast! It’s so important to seek out good information, stay motivated, and to make small, incremental progress toward achieving your financial goals.

Few people achieve instant financial success. For most of us, building wealth is a slow journey that involves putting small amounts of money aside on a regular basis.

Investing Rule #7: “Your Personal Life and Health Are the Highest-Return, Lowest-Risk Investments"

They’re far more important than the size of your financial portfolio.”--Tyson

I couldn’t agree more. If you have money, but can’t enjoy it because you've allowed your health or personal relationships to deteriorate, then it won’t bring you much happiness. So consider health your first wealth and protect it fiercely by reducing stress and getting plenty of exercise and sleep.

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