Why BlockFi’s Founder Believes More Women Should Care About Crypto

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Laura interviewed Flori Marquez, co-founder of BlockFi. They chat about the future of crypto, why you should care, and their surprising survey results.

Laura Adams, MBA
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If you're not sure if you should invest in crytocurrency, be sure to understand common misconceptions about digital assets. Consider if you could benefit from low or no-risk ways to own crypto and career options in the exploding industry. 

Just a few years ago, most Americans weren’t familiar with digital assets or the term “cryptocurrency.” Now, it’s getting mentioned in the news and throughout popular culture, like Superbowl commercials and Saturday Night Live shows. And since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, crypto donations have been pouring into the country helping citizens defend themselves.  

Since March is Women’s History Month, I interviewed Flori Marquez, a female co-founder of BlockFi. The crypto financial services company recently released their second annual Real Talk: Women x Crypto 2.0 survey. The survey reveals the knowledge and behaviors of American females around crypto, investing, and career aspirations—and the results may surprise you!

"Women say that crypto is a means to achieve their financial goals but acknowledge an education gap." – Flori Marquez

Flori and I had a wide ranging discussion about why Americans, and particularly women, should care about crypto. Here are a few topics we talk about on this Money Girl podcast interview:

  • How Flori’s background led to her to become the BlockFi co-founder.
  • Low and no-risk ways to own crypto and gain exposure to alternative investments.
  • The massive increase in women who have invested in crypto, plan to invest in it, and are interested in crypto jobs
  • Why one in five women believe crypto can help them reach significant financial goals.
  • Common misunderstandings about crypto and why it’s not too late to buy it. 
  • Why time in the market is more important than timing the market.
  • How to leverage the 400% increase in crypto job openings even if you’re an industry newbie. 
  • How globally accessible financial products solve multiple macroeconomic challenges.

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