4 Tools To Manage Money Like a Pro

Managing money can be easier, faster, and even fun (yes, fun!) when you have the right tool for your needs. Money Girl shares her favorite low-tech personal finance tools.

Laura Adams, MBA
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To do a better job, sometimes you just need a better tool. Managing money can be easier, faster, and even fun (yes, fun!) when you have the right tool for your needs. Though it’s great to use the most advanced financial technology possible, there are also plenty of low-tech options for managing your money like a pro!

Give one of these 4 money management tools a try:

  1. QuickBooks and Quicken: These desktop software products are the industry standard for business and home use. They have all the bells and whistles, are easy to use, and aggregate your financial accounts into a dashboard where you can track every transaction.

  2. Mvelopes: If you like the idea of budgeting with “old school” envelopes but want to do it on your computer or mobile device, this application is a dream come true. Your income is automatically split into online envelope spending accounts that you set up.

  3. Mint: This free online financial service automatically pulls in all your financial accounts and categorizes each transaction, so you can see where your money goes—even on your mobile device.

  4. Simple Planner: These spreadsheet-based planners make it really simple to accomplish a variety of tasks like tracking a budget, calculating your net worth, planning for retirement, and much more.

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