How a Mortgage Default Affects Your Credit Score

Money Girl answers a listener question about defaulting on your mortgage and how it will affect your credit score.

Laura Adams, MBA
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Linda R. wants to know:

I was unable to get a mortgage due to having poor credit, so my daughter got one for me. I've made all the payments--until now, because my income has been cut and I can't afford it. If I default on the mortgage how will this affect my and my daughter's credit?

ANSWER: When you sign for a loan or credit account, you are accepting legal responsibility for the debt, no matter who actually makes the payments.

The payment history of a debt is reported to the credit file of the debt owner(s) only.

If you aren't listed as a borrower on the mortgage, the payment history isn't reported to your credit file, just to your daughter's.

Therefore defaulting on a loan in your daughter's name only puts her credit in jeopardy. There's no way to say exactly how much her credit score would drop, but it could go down in excess of 100 points.

Discuss the situation with her as soon as possible, if you haven't already. If you default on the loan her credit will suffer and the lender may take legal action against her.

I recommend that she seek the advice of an attorney to fully understand the consequences of a default in the state(s) where you live and the best financial and legal options for both of you.


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