The Science of Gratitude and Financial Success

Find out how being grateful affects your financial success. Plus, Money Girl reveals 5 tips for easily cultivating more gratitude in your daily life. 

Laura Adams, MBA
6-minute read
Episode #380

The highest form of gratitude is appreciating what you have and repaying those who’ve helped you, by paying it forward to help others.

What Are the Benefits of Gratitude?

The research on gratitude documents the psychological, physical, and social benefits it can bring, including:

  • Increased happiness, by boosting a variety of emotions and mindsets, such as feeling satisfaction from life and experiencing joy, enthusiasm, positivity, and optimism. 
  • Strengthened relationships, by feeling closer to friends, being more satisfied with romantic partners, having compassion, and promoting forgiveness (even between ex-spouses after a divorce)
  • Reduced anxiety, by having fewer feelings of helplessness or worry.
  • Better sleep, by falling asleep faster, sleeping more hours each night, and feeling more refreshed in the morning.
  • Improved overall health, by boosting the immune system, reducing illness, lowering blood pressure, and having fewer aches and pains.
  • Raised resiliency, by recovering from negative or traumatic events faster, including veterans with PTSD.

Your Gratitude and Financial Success

That last benefit, resiliency, is a big part of how gratitude can transform your financial life and allow you to have more success. No matter if financial challenges are the result of earning too little, spending too much, or a dangerous combination of both, it takes a lot of resiliency to bounce back.

If you have a grateful disposition, studies show that you’re much more likely to learn from negative life events with less stress, because you put them in proper perspective.

In the face of serious trauma and suffering, gratitude blocks negative emotions, like resentment or regret, which can destroy happiness or encourage depression. If you’re grateful, you can begin to untangle a problem—such as being over your head in debt or having a looming foreclosure—and consider solutions much more quickly, instead of getting permanently stuck in them.


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