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Laura Adams, MBA
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Andrew: This is guest host Andrew Horowitz and today on MoneyGirl...we're going to look at some of the top money resources to help with financial news, tips and education. That's right, I said we, as today, I am proud to introduce you to the new and permanent host of the Money Girl podcast, Laura Adams.

Andrew : You know Laura, one of the toughest things is to find solid information that you can trust, especially in the areas of Money and Finance. For sure, there is no shortage of available opinion these days and the web has made access easy for everyone--sometimes too easy. In fact, when you do a web search these days millions of results are presented and it's a bit daunting. All I need are a few resources, a few core places to look. So how do I choose? I mean it's like trying to take a sip of water from an open fire hydrant.

Laura: I know exactly what you mean Andrew. Sometimes finding accurate and helpful information can be confusing and really frustrating. But don't worry, we're going to recommend some great resources on finance, money and investing. I thought we could start off with some of our favorite sources, you know, our first "go-to" places for, say General Financial News.

Andrew: Perfect... ladies first.

Laura:  Sure. I'm a big fan of the digital version of the Wall Street Journal, found at online.wsj.com. This is a free edition that provides global news from a financial and business perspective.  And because I love to listen and learn on the go, I'm a serious podcast addict! I enjoy BusinessWeek's Behind the Cover. They review the week's cover story with the author and reveal extra analysis and insights that can be very interesting. Andrew, how about you?

Andrew: Here are my three favorites:

Briefing.com - Briefing.com has uniquely designed services for individual investors and professional traders that are seeking live analysis of important news events of the day, with insight on what they mean for the markets and individual securities.

MSN MoneyCentral - MSN MoneyCentral (MSN MONEY) is the premiere site for all things financial. Research, charting, reports, analyst information, screening and much more.

Bloomberg.com - Bloomberg is about the information: accessing it, reporting it, analyzing it and distributing it, probably faster and more accurately than any other organization.

How about some general money tips?

Laura: Well, besides this podcast, I recommend Money Magazine due to the variety of topics covered. You'll find solid information about personal finance, investing, taxes, retirement savings, paying for education, real estate, and more. I receive the print copy, but the online version is free at money.cnn.com. And another great resource is available in print or for free at smartmoney.com. Smart Money gives advice about investing, the markets, the economy, as well as the latest consumer news, personal finance, and more.

Andrew, tell me about your favorite sources for financial education.


Minyanville - Minyanville is a Media Company that has created branded properties that entertain and educate people interested in finance. It's really a must read and definitely worth a bookmark.

TheStreet.com University - Simply great investor education from a great name in finance. Jimbo Cramer and the gang will provide you more information that you could ever need on the markets and economy.

Investopedia - Investopedia was founded by Cory Wagner and Cory Janssen back in 1999. Originally they set out to build the best investing dictionary on the web. Over time, the focus of the site expanded to building educational content and tools to help empower the individual investor. Today, the site attracts millions of visitors per month hungry to improve their financial understanding. The Financial Encyclopedia/Dictionary and University all-in-one is online and is all free.

So, Laura, how about information on taxes?

Laura:  Well, since U.S. tax law is updated frequently, I like to go right to the source at irs.gov. This is the Internal Revenue Service website, which is surprisingly easy to navigate and has decent search capability. There's also an official U.S. government site at usa.gov which is a web portal for all kinds of information and services.  Andrew what do you recommend for finding information on the subject of economics?

Andrew: There are several ones that I really like that have great economic and earnings reports and information. But I really recommend Dismal.com. It's a great resource for all economic data. The site is part of Economy.com and was founded by the well known and respected economist Mark Zandi. There is a good amount of information that is free. If you want the good stuff, you may need to open the wallet a bit. You know, I always find a good amount in Investors Business Daily, offline and online editions. So what "old fashioned" newspapers do you like?

Laura: As far as old fashioned newspapers, I'm also a fan of Investors Business Daily. And of course, Barron's and The Wall Street Journal are excellent.

Andrew, I can't thank you enough for doing such a great job as the Money Girl guest host. You really didn't have to wear a skirt while you recorded the show, but everyone from the QD Network really appreciates the extra effort!

Andrew: Thanks so much, I have enjoyed filling in for the MoneyGirl and I know that all of the show's dedicated listeners are in good hands with you. And don't forget folks to come on over and add The Disciplined Investor podcast to your weekly listens and my book, The Disciplined Investor - Essential Strategies for Success to your library.

Andrew: Cha- Ching... wait, wait, no, Laura you do it this time.

Laura: Are you sure?

Andrew: Absolutely

Laura: Okay, but first I need to make some final recommendations. In addition to his own website and podcast, Andrew is also known as The Winning Investor here on Quick and Dirty Tips, with a Quick and Dirty podcast all his own.  Be sure to check out these in addition to Andrew's very informative podcast at thedisciplinedinvestor.com or in iTunes. And you'll find transcripts for this show, all my contact information, and other great podcasts at quickanddirtytips.com

And as always, everyone’s situation is different, so be sure to consult a tax or financial advisor before making important financial decisions. This podcast is for educational purposes only and is not intended to be a substitute for seeking personalized, professional advice. Here it goes.... Cha-Ching, that's all for now, courtesy of Money Girl, your guide to a richer life.

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