Will Marrying Someone With a Lower Credit Score Hurt Your Credit?

Marriage and credit scores.

Elizabeth Carlassare
3-minute read
Episode #30

Today’s topic is whether marrying someone with a lower credit score hurts your credit.

Darryl in Florida e-mailed me with this question:

“If I marry someone with a very poor credit history and mine is very good, will it change my credit rating?”

Thanks for the question, Darryl.

So what happens if you marry someone with a lower credit score? Does your credit report mix and mingle with theirs and give birth to a new report that contains your and your spouse’s best and worst credit traits? Will your credit score go down if you marry them? Will their credit score go up? What happens?

How a Spouse's Credit Score Affects You

If the woman or man of your dreams has a significantly lower credit score than yours, there’s no need to panic! You don’t necessarily need to call off the wedding and it won't necessarily affect your score.

Each person has his or her own separate credit record and credit bureaus don’t mix two credit histories together when people get married. However, if you apply for a loan together with your spouse, you may find it harder to get approved because of your spouse’s lower credit score. And if it’s a big loan, such as a mortgage, and you decide to apply for it alone so that your spouse’s credit history isn’t considered, you may discover that you can’t qualify for it on just one income.