7 Fun Tips for Baby’s Bathtime

Is there anything cuter than a happy baby in a bath? Make bathtime even more fun with these great ideas, from bath crayons to frozen toys.

Bruce and Jeanne Lubin
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Get Creative with Craft Foam

If you have any colorful craft foam left over from a recent project, use it as a quick and easy bath toy. Craft foam will stick to flat surfaces like tile when damp, so simply cut the foam into various shapes and sizes and you’ll have bath toys ready to go. Your kids can affix the shapes to the shower wall simply by getting them wet.

Bath Crayons

Make bath time a little bit more fun (and colorful!) with these homemade bath crayons. In a medium bowl, grate a bar of Ivory soap. Begin adding food coloring and warm water a little bit at a time until you get the depth of color you want and the mixture becomes a thick dough. Roll out the crayons by hand or use crayon molds from the craft store. Allow the crayons to dry completely before using.

Homemade Bath Crayons

Does your child love bath crayons? Make your own at home with some white soap (like Ivory brand) and food coloring! Grate the soap with a cheese grater until you have about a quarter cup. Add five to seven drops of food coloring and few drops of water. Mix thoroughly, then microwave in a microwave-safe container until warm, about 20 seconds. Shape into a crayon-shape, or push into an ice cube tray until the soap takes the form of an ice cube. Let harden overnight before letting your kids have at them!

Turkey Baster Time

Go ahead, spend as much as you want on popular bath toys. Your small child will love none of them as much as your washed-out turkey baster!

Save Your Bottles

If you’re looking for a cheap and practical toy for kids, thoroughly wash old ketchup, salad dressing, and shampoo bottles and let the kids use them to play in the swimming pool or bathtub. They’re also a good way to wash shampoo out of hair at bath time.

Frozen Fun

For more fun at bath time, take all those little plastic toys your kids have gotten from vending machines and goody bags, and place one or two in each hole of a muffin tin. Then fill the tin with water and freeze. When it’s time for a bath, pop one out and throw it in the tub. Your toddler will love watching it melt in their hands and then having a toy to play with.

Drip Dry

Hang a mesh potato bag from a hook on your shower organizer to store your child’s bath toys. The air will get at them and you’ll keep mildew at bay. 

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The Quick And Dirty

DIY toys can make bathtime extra fun! Whether you choose homemade bath crayons, an old bottle, or a repurposed turkey baster, always make sure to drip-dry wet toys afterwards. Happy bathtime! 

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