5 Common Health Conditions Affected by Screen Time

It's back-to-school and back-to-work time. Many of us spend hours each day on our tablets, smart phones, and computers. But did you know it can affect your health? Learn how to watch out for these 5 common conditions that are affected by excess screen time and how to prevent them.

Sanaz Majd, MD
Episode #247

It’s September, which means back to school. As physically active as you may have been during the summer months, it’s safe to say that most of you who are back in the dorms and the classroom will be spending a lot of time on the computer.

Without aging myself, I remember the internet was a rather novel entity when I was in college. It was a treat to be able to use it when living in the dorms. Wifi and Bluetooth didn’t exist; only scarce computer labs that we had to fight for time on. Most of us still hit the good ole library to research our school projects. We also used typewriters to type reports, and only if it was required.

It’s now the 21st Century, and time has surely changed. We spend almost every waking moment attached at the hip to our smart phones, tablets, and computers. College campuses, restaurants, coffee shops, shopping centers, amusement parks, and libraries now all include wifi.  Even my 80-something year old parents have tablets and Facebook accounts. A world without computers is a strange one to contemplate.

But with it also come a slew of new health disorders that have been on the rise. I see them almost daily. What are the most common medical conditions doctors see related to this increased screen time? And what can you do to negate it all to protect your health?


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Sanaz Majd, MD
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