5 Ways to Raise a Happy Child

We can’t control outside circumstances, but we can choose how we deal with life’s setbacks if we have the right mindset and tools. Today, Mighty Mommy shares 5 ways you can raise happier kids that will in turn grow into solid, well-adjusted adults.

Cheryl Butler
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Tip #2:  Catch Them Doing Good

By nature, humans tend to point out when someone has done wrong.  Even though it’s necessary to teach a child right from wrong, especially if it’s a situation where they can be harmed or need redirection in order to grow and learn, it’s equally as important to make note of when you notice your child doing something right.

When our kids are praised for something kind they’ve done, or done well, and we take the time to let them know we’ve noticed, this builds self-esteem as well as encourages a growth mind-set.  This doesn’t mean we have to become cheerleaders that wave our parental pom poms every time our child draws a pretty picture or puts his dirty clothes in the hamper.  However, when we genuinely and regularly take notice of their efforts such as making eye contact and saying “I’ve noticed you’re really taking the time to keep your room more organized—good for you!”, we’re fostering that growth mind-set which inspires our kids to do better and enjoy their activities more because they’ve had consistent, positive reinforcement.

Tip #3:  Allow Them to Contribute

All human beings desire to be valued and needed so allow your children the chance to contribute and make a difference in your own household.  No matter what his age, find something meaningful he can do to help out.  Young children can simply pick up their own toys at the end of the day and return them to the toy bins.  Older kids can be responsible for participating in the care of the family pet or being in charge of their own area of the house such as making sure the towels are always stocked in the linen closet or checking the pantry each week to see what routine items you’re running low on.  When you consistently acknowledge that he's making a contribution to the family, it will heighten your child's sense of connection and confidence, two important seeds necessary to grow lasting happiness. 

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