5 Ways to Raise a Happy Child

We can’t control outside circumstances, but we can choose how we deal with life’s setbacks if we have the right mindset and tools. Today, Mighty Mommy shares 5 ways you can raise happier kids that will in turn grow into solid, well-adjusted adults.

Cheryl Butler
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Tip #4:  Lay a Foundation of Gratitude

Living in a state of gratitude can truly be one of the most important foundations for living a life of true joy.  When we stop and showcase appreciation for all the little things that are going well in our household—sipping ice cold milk with a cookie, getting tucked in with a warm blanket and a hug on a cold winter’s night, the ability to do a math problem easily even though reading literature can be a struggle—our kids learn to feel filled up with the warmth of gratitude.  This type of happiness then trickles out of us and helps to keep our mindset joyful thus allowing for feeling stable and secure when it’s time for them to move into the world as young adults.

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Tip #5:  Interact With a Sense of Humor

Families are busier than ever these days leaving many of us overscheduled, overwhelmed, and just plain exhausted on a daily basis.  When we lighten up and learn to take time out of our busy schedules to stop and smell the roses, we show our kids how important it is to stay refreshed and not to take all of life so seriously.  Start the day off by tickling your child after breakfast and telling her a silly joke.  Surprise her with a funny picture in her lunchbox.  Play upbeat music on the weekend when you’re doing your chores.  Even if you’re not the jokester type, get into the habit of interjecting humor into your regular routines.  When our kids see us enjoying the simple things in life, we’re laying another important brick in their happiness foundation so that they, too, will learn to offset stress and interject fun and laughter into their own busy lives.

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