Heading Off to College in 2020—Advice from an Admissions Expert

This is no ordinary year as college students prepare to either start their freshmen year of college or head back to campus. Dr. Bari Norman, a former college admissions officer at Barnard College/Columbia University joins Mighty Mommy to offer guidance.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #592

Bari Norman, Ph.D., has worked in college admissions for over 20 years. Through the company she co-founded, Expert Admissions, she's guided over 2,500 domestic and international students to top universities across America. Dr. Norman is deeply knowledgeable about the ever-shifting landscape of the college application process and committed to helping all students realize their potential. Her extensive background is particularly helpful to students who are navigating the unchartered waters of college-life during a pandemic.

I sat down with Dr. Norman to learn more about how students will begin or return to college in 2020. Click the player above or listen wherever you get your podcasts to hear the interview. Here are a few things you'll learn about.

How to plan for your student's college year during the pandemic

Sending a Freshman off to college can be overwhelming for parents, but the anxieties families face with the pandemic are even more significant. Dr. Norman will share expert insights about:

  • University plans for returning students
  • How to help your student prepare for this new reality
  • Whether incoming freshmen should have a Plan B this year
  • The advantages of virtual campus tours while on-site tours are not available
  • How to navigate SAT and ACT testing

Dr. Norman weighs in on the administrative and financial considerations due to the pandemic. You'll learn:

  • What has changed regarding college admissions criteria
  • Whether more scholarships are available now
  • Whether colleges are changing their tuition structure to accommodate distance learning

Dr. Norman shares tangible tips to help you and your child focus on all the positives as you navigate college this fall.

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