15 Ways to Show Your Family You Love Them

Spread the love to your family with these fifteen tips.

Cheryl Butler
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Valentine’s Day has come and gone and though it's certainly fitting to fuss over your true love with big red hearts, long-stemmed roses, confectionary delights, and romantic greeting cards, you can also capture the essence of this special day for other special people in your life as well.

Romance is indeed a huge part of the Valentine season, but so is genuinely showing your family how much you care about them and love them. Here are fifteen simple ways to show your family the love all year long!

1.       Admit when you are wrong. It’s important for family members, especially your kids, to know you are OK with owning it when you’ve made a mistake and wish to make it right.

2.       Smile at your kids when they walk in the room, simply because you’re happy to see them.

3.       Catch your child (and partner) doing something good and praise them in public for it.

4.       Be sure and share as many family meals together as possible throughout the week. Maybe it can’t always be dinner, but kicking off the day together by enjoying breakfast as a family is equally as important.

5.       Don’t compare your child to others. Every child is a unique individual and needs to know that you support them for who they are, not for who they are not.

6.       Tell your child you love them each and every day.

7.       Give your kids and family members a hug every day.

8.       Be as involved as your schedule permits with your child’s school including going to PTO meetings, attending parent teacher conferences, and supporting school and sporting functions that are school related.

9.       Insist on teaching your child manners, especially the magic words!

10.     Learn to become a better listener when your kids and spouse want to share their feelings.

11.      Schedule regular dates with each of your children throughout the month as well as your partner.

12.     Routinely send your kids and spouse love notes and whimsical cards of appreciation.

13.     Be kind to yourself.  Showing your family that you value taking care of yourself is extremely important in sending a message of how valuable self-love is for the better good of the rest of the family.

14.     Routinely surprise your loved ones with their favorite sweet treats or meals.

15.     Let your child decide what’s for dinner one night of the week. 

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