3 Fun Crafts with Fall Leaves

Autumn's colorscape is stunning, so here are a few creative ways to celebrate with these fun leaf crafts.

Cheryl Butler
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Leaf Suncatchers

The combinatinon of paper coffee filters and liquid watercolors make these leaf suncatchers dazzling on your windows and doors.

What you'll need:

  • 6 - 8 paper coffee filters
  • A leaf template
  • Liquid Watercolors
  • Aluminum, disposable baking pan


  1. Use a paper leaf template as a guide to cut out coffee filter leaves.  You can cut through five coffee filters at once.    
  2. Place a couple of the paper leaves inside an aluminum, disposable baking pan to keep the watercolors contained and keep the mess factor down.
  3. Use an eyedropper or paintbrush to apply the liquid watercolors.  You can have your child use two or three colors so that they blend into a life-like color pattern.
  4. Move the finished leaves to dry onto a sheet of plastic wrap or wax paper.
  5. When dry, adhere to glass windows and doors using double sided tape.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Holder

Silk fall leaves from The Dollar Store, a little Mod Podge, and a candle make a glowing masterpiece for your mantle or coffee table.
What you'll need:
  • Pint-sized Mason Jar
  • sponge paint brush
  • Faux, fabric leaves or leaves cut out of tissue wrapping paper
  • Mod Podge
  • Rafia or ribbon to tie in a bow and finish the look
  • Candle or white Christmas lights
  1. To decoupage, dip your brush in the Mod Podge and paint a thin layer on a section of the jar. Once that layer becomes quite sticky (check by dabbing your finger on it), place a leaf on the jar. Paint more Mod Podge on top of the leaf in thin layers, making sure to smooth out the edges. Start in the center of the leaf, and push your way out to the edges with your fingers. It may take a few layers, but the leaf should stick to the jar.
  2. Layer more leaves on top, filling the jar with as many as you desire. Once all the leaves are on, it will take a few hours to dry completely.  
  3. Once dry, place candle inside or a small bunch of white Christmas lights for a glowing finale. 

Glitter Leaf Mobile

Find your favorite fall leaves that have already fallen off the trees and dry them out. Adhere shimmery glitter and hang with fishline from ceiling for spectacular mobile.
What you'll need:
  • 5 - 9 large fallen leaves  (You can also use faux leaves if you prefer)
  • small paintbrush
  • Elmer's Glue
  • Waxed Paper
  • Assorted Gliltter
  • Hole Punch
  • Fishing Line
  1. Take your kids out in the yard or park and gather a handfull of large leaves that have fallen off the trees.  Take them home and let them dry out for several days by leaving them out on a piece of paper towel or waxed paper.
  2. Once dry, punch a hole in the top of each leaf and then thread a 12-inch piece of fishing line through the hole.
  3. Take your paintbrush, dip in a small amount of Elmer's Glue and lightyl coat both sides of the leaf.   Place leaves on wax paper and sprinkle with glitter (combining glitter colors gives an added wow factor.)
  4. Allow to dry and then hang leaves from a window, the ceiling or around door knobs to add lots of sparkle to your home this fall.  
If you try any of these fun fall crafts, be sure to post a picture of your end result on the Mighty Mommy Facebook page!
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