5 Ways to Get Your Family Ready for Spring

Now that the winter doldrums are behind us, here are 5 things you can do to freshen up your routines for the warmer season.

Cheryl Butler
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The season of spring marks the end of cold, gray winter days and offers families who are tired of being cooped up indoors a breath of fresh air. it's a good time to renew our routines and overall outlook.

  1. Replace everyone’s toothbrushesThe American Dental Association recommends that you change your toothbrush at least 4 times a year, this means approximately every 3 months and each time you're sick. So let spring be a reminder that it’s time to give everyone in the house a new brush.

  2. Inventory the kids' wardrobes. We in the Northeast aren’t quite ready to put warm coats and cozy sweaters away just yet, but now is a great time to take an inventory of your kids' wardrobes and see what items they might need for the warmer days ahead.  If you’ve stored their warm-weather clothes away, take them out and see what still fits, what can be donated, and what pieces might be needed.

  3. Inventory outdoor toys and yard equipment.  Just as we need to get our family’s wardrobes ready for warmer weather, this is also a wonderful time to evaluate outdoor toys and sports equipment.  Sandboxes, outdoor play cars, wagons, bats and balls, water equipment, and anything else that your kids use outside during the warmer months should be cleaned up and evaluated.

  4. Lighten up your family’s menu Comfort foods like chicken pot pie, beef stew, and cheese lasagna make hearty meals when the snow is falling and we’re hunkered down inside. But with warm and breezy days ahead, this is the perfect time to get out your recipe box and select some lighter fare to serve up this spring.  Pasta salads, grilled chicken and pizzas, shortcakes with fresh fruit and whipped cream, or whatever you want to serve your family—find some new and tasty staples that will lighten up your menu.

  5. Put away heavy blankets. Cozy, warm bedding makes those long, winter nights more enjoyable, but with the warmer days ahead we don’t need our beds piled high with wool and down.  Before the first heat wave hits, freshen up your family’s bedrooms by removing all the heavy blankets and flannel sheets and replace with cool, crisp cotton sheets and lighter bedspreads.

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