6 Ways to Relax During Stress Awareness Month

Spring truly is a time to reevaluate and get back in control. In light of this, Mighty Mommy shares six ways that families can embrace Stress Awareness Month, which is celebrated each April, and make some simple changes to help unwind and relax.

Cheryl Butler
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#3.  Read about Happiness

When life becomes a roller coaster and you don’t have a chance to catch your breath, you can do yourself and your family a world of good by slowing down and shifting gears.  One such way to do that is to stop your crazy daily routine and make some time to get inspired.  Reading the right books are one such way to make this happen, and thankfully, we have some wonderful authors who have chosen to write about a much-needed topic: happiness.  Here are some choices for both adults and kids that can easily make an impact on relieving a bit of stress with these happier thoughts.

Happy This Year!: The Secret to Getting Happy Once and for All  by Will Bowen

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Ruben

Happy by Pharrell Williams

The Jar of Happiness by Alisa Burrows. This is a sweet book with a great message that is presented in a way that preschoolers and young elementary kids can relate to.

#4.  Have a Good Laugh Together

According to the Mayo Clinic, laughter is a great stress reliever and alleviates tension in the body while boosting our overall mood. In our house with 8 children, 2 dogs and a bunny laughter truly is the best medicine.  Whether we watch a funny movie or TV show, tell each other jokes, or just get silly for absolutely no reason—we can turn the dial from high stress to plain old fun in no time at all.

#5.  Organize your life

Organization offers a sense of control and peace of mind, and there’s a number of ways you can improve in this regard. Today’s parents are juggling more activities, obligations, work commitments, and family matters than ever before.  With life continually getting busier, there is one thing that can make the difference between a calm and stress-free household and a chaotic, overwhelmed one—organization! Check out 10 Ways to Be a More Organized Parent to find ways to de-stress your household by way of getting everything in order from your home’s entryway, to your car, meal planning, morning routine, and more.

#6.  Find a Calming Routine

 When you work to manage your own behavior first, you effectively neutralize the power struggle and keep stress at bay.

We do so many things automatically without even thinking about it, such as lash out at our kids when they behave badly in public. This happens because we want to get our kids under control first and foremost and forestall any further embarrassment. But in reality, the thing that would be most productive is to get our own stress levels in check before responding to the child’s outburst.

When one of my kids is pushing my buttons or doing something that I find completely unacceptable, I count to 10 (sometimes a lot more!) and talk to myself in the process.  “Stay calm and in control,” I tell myself.  By taking a few seconds to step away from my child’s poor behavior and get my own feelings in check, I can usually shift from being frustrated and ready to lash out to a reasonable state where I can handle my child’s situation without losing my composure. When you work to manage your own behavior first, you effectively neutralize the power struggle and keep stress at bay.

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How do you keep stress at a minimum in your home?

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