8 Best Kept Motherhood Secrets

Sure motherhood is dreamy and wonderful, but it’s also challenging and exhausting. Mighty Mommy has 8 motherhood secrets that your friends and family may have forgotten to warn you about. 

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #197


Because it took me 6 years to finally accomplish my dream of motherhood, I had plenty of time to imagine the magical fairy tale that my life would become once I held a newborn in my arms.  I even jumped ahead to my child’s grade school years and saw myself wearing a blue gingham checkered apron, serving fresh, homemade cookies the moment he stepped off the bus.  .


During those long years of daydreaming about creating a beautiful family, not once did I stop to wonder what the challenges might be.  I was so focused on getting a baby that it never occurred to me that I would have moments, even days, when parenting just made no sense at all—and worse, when it would make me cranky and miserable.

Now that my first child has left for college and my youngest entered first grade, I’ve realized how quickly childhood goes by. Although I’m an optimist by nature, I also believe that it’s important to be realistic and I will admit that parenting is darn hard work most of the time. The great news, however, is that it really is the most amazing job you’ll ever have. So today I’m going to share 8 of the best kept secrets of motherhood I’ve learned along the way with my 8 children:

Secret #1: It May Not Be Love at First Sight

We adopted our first baby. She was 8 hours old when we saw her for the first time, all pink and snuggly, the most beautiful human being I had ever laid eyes on. One year later, I gave birth to our first son.  After 28 hours of labor, I finally got to hold him. But when I looked at his wrinkled face, pointed head, and chicken lips, I thought for sure there had been a mistake.  No way could this be my baby.  

It’s OK to admit that your baby isn’t the beauty you thought he would be right away. This doesn’t mean you won’t love him, but it can take a little while for new babies to look attractive. If you aren’t blown away immediately, don’t worry, you’re not a bad parent.


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Cheryl L. Butler was the host of the Mighty Mommy podcast for nine years from 2012 to 2021. She is the mother of eight children. Her experiences with infertility, adoption, seven pregnancies, and raising children with developmental delays have helped her become a resource on the joys and challenges of parenting. You can reach her by email.