9 Novel Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Mighty Mommy shares nine fresh and insightful ways that your family can show dad lots of love and respect this year on Father’s Day.

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4. Donate Time or Treasure

Show dad you care by donating to a charity or cause that is close to his heart. If dad has a regular charity that he loves to support, instead of buying him the usual dozen golf balls, make a donation in his name instead. Maybe he has always wanted to volunteer his time at a local animal shelter or doing landscaping at your church. No need to make a monetary donation, but instead offer to volunteer with him for one of the causes he’d like to help with. If he doesn’t have a specific cause he’s passionate about, Father’s Day is a wonderful time to pick one as a family, and then commit to spending time together a few times a year in honor of all the great things dad does for your family.

5. Take In Nature

Make Father’s Day one of those rare days the entire family unplugs and puts their electronic devices, including cell phones on the back burner. Instead, spend time with Dad and Mother Nature by taking a hike, heading to the park or beach, or even going on a picnic. Get back to basics by enjoying fresh air and marveling in the gifts of warm sunshine and balmy breezes as you connect with Dad with no electronic distractions.

Quiet time spent with one’s self is a gift we can all use on a regular basis, not just on holidays.

6. Allow For Alone Time

One of the most sacred gifts I would receive each year on Mother’s Day was the gift of alone time. I had a ritual every year where I would indulge in buying five or six of my favorite magazines, a small box of delicious truffles, and a split of champagne. In the late afternoon on Mother’s Day, I’d retreat to my bedroom and enjoy my treats and magazines without a care in the world. It was pure heaven! Dads deserve alone time just as much as moms do, so encourage that he sneak off for a nap or to the family room, all by himself, where he can watch anything he wants on TV.

Quiet time spent with one’s self is a gift we can all use on a regular basis, not just on holidays.

7. Meditation Tapes

I was always intrigued (and honestly, a little envious) when I heard people discuss their love of meditation. As a super busy mom of eight kids close in age, I thought I’d have a better chance teaching our dog how to balance a checkbook before I’d ever be able to indulge in meditation. That all changed, however, several years ago when I sat next to a total stranger at my son’s baseball game. We exchanged pleasantries and within 15 minutes, she shared her love of meditating and how it had changed her life in so many positive ways that she became a certified holistic life coach.

Who do you think became one of her first clients? You got it: me! Soon after I became addicted to the practice of meditating and to this day, I’m still going strong.

One of my favorite ways to meditate is using guided meditation tapes. Mindfulness expert Julie Potiker, author of the new book “Life Falls Apart, but You Don’t Have To: Mindful Methods for Staying Calm In the Midst of Chaos.” Offers three great guided meditation tapes in her article What Is Mindfulness Anyway?: A Closer Look At What Mindfulness Is (And Isn’t). A gift such as this can bring some much-needed calm and peace into dad's hectic life, and is something we moms and kids can benefit from as well.

8. Create a Story

When I had extra time on my hands, one of my favorite ways to spend it was to create scrapbooks. With eight kids, I have enough material and photos to work with for the rest of my life! As much as I enjoy scrapbooking, it’s quite time-consuming especially for a person like myself who thrives on creativity and agonizes over constructing the perfect page.

What I love most about scrapbooking is that my kids are going to have keepsake books to share with their kids someday. These colorful pages adorned with stickers and die cuts are a piece of their history.

With time being such a challenge for parents these days, I was thrilled to find another clever way to preserve memories. Thanks to a company called StoryWorth you or someone in your family can write their own story, a week at a time. The beauty of StoryWorth is that they send you prompts via e-mail once a week. The questions are answered by the “writer” every week and then after a year their story is completed and bound into an amazing hardcover book. What a great gift for dads this year! It’s totally unique and will be a treasured keepsake all without using a single glue stick to compile!

9. Dad’s Comfort Toolbox

Dads work hard! They are providers, husbands and partners, confidants, caregivers, coaches, cheerleaders, chauffeurs, and so much more. The stereotypical vision of a dad is a strong, confidant fearless leader of the family. While that’s true in many cases, dads are also human beings who have days when not everything goes so well. In fact, some of dad's days can just plain stink.

For those days when dad is struggling, have some of his favorite comfort items stashed away in a toolbox so he can easily seek a bit of relief. Items might include his favorite coffee or candy, a book of inspiration, a reminder letter telling him how important he is to the family and how much he is loved, favorite family photos, a liquor nip, or a bottle of his fave cologne. Make a list of fun and relaxing items that you could include and gift dad with his very own comfort toolbox that he can escape to when he needs a little pick-me-up after a long, hard day.

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