Babysitters are Listening Too

This week I’ll be talking to all of you babysitters out there. I’ve received several requests to do an episode about babysitting.

Cherylyn Feierabend
5-minute read
Episode #44

Hey there! You’re listening to the Mighty Mommy with some quick and dirty tips for practical parenting. This week I’ll be talking to all of you babysitters out there. I’ve received several requests to do an episode about babysitting. Most recently Chelsea and Mallory wrote in to ask for some tips to help them do a better job as babysitters:

We were wondering if you could do an episode for babysitters from a parent’s view and from the view of once being a babysitter.  Like, how you want your child taken care of, how to ask for a raise, how much you really want to know about how your child was, and more.

Well, Chelsea and Mallory, I may not be able to help you get a raise, but I’m happy to address this topic for you.

Whether you are babysitting for someone the first time, the fourth time or on a daily basis, please be sure to get instructions from the parent. Some parents are more lenient than they should be. I once babysat for a woman while she worked. She was actually hesitant to give me a phone number where she could be reached in an emergency. She really didn’t want to be bothered at work. If you run into a situation like this, please be careful. Parents should let you know where they will be, how to reach them, and when they will return. If the parents do not provide a document with this information, have them write everything down before they leave. If you are babysitting in your home, either take the information down on the phone before the assignment or have the parent fill it out when they drop the child off. It’s good to communicate what information you will need beforehand so the parent can be prepared. There are great information sheets you can print out on many different websites. I found one I like at TheParent Site.com. You can access the babysitter information sheet by clicking the link in this show’s transcript. These forms have all of the basic information you need to have on hand in case of emergency, but you may also want to ask about food allergies, allowable snacks, and sleep routines. These things will also depend on the time of day and length of your assignment.

When it comes to babysitting, the most important duty is to keep the children safe. If you are ever in a situation where you are uncertain or faced with a choice, choose the option that is the most protective of the children. If you are still in doubt or if any type of danger could result from your making the wrong choice, call the parent or other adult named as your emergency contact. If there is any type of medical emergency or immediate danger, call 911 before calling anyone else.


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