Fun Family Valentine's Day Ideas

Mighty Mommy shares some fun loving ways to get your family into the spirit of Valentine's Day.

Cheryl Butler
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Fun Family Valentine's Day Ideas


Ah, love is in the air, and if you have kids you know how important a celebration like Valentine’s Day is to them.  The card exchange, the heart cutouts, the ooey, gooey cupcakes they will decorate—it’s all part of the fun that goes along with this favorite February holiday.

Here are some great ways to get your family into the spirit of Valentine’s Day:

Create a Post Office in Your Home

As Valentine’s Day approaches, this is a perfect way to write and deliver Valentine’s cards.  You probably have most of the materials already on hand.

Some items to keep in mind:

  • Mail bag (you can use a recyclable tote bag that you use for groceries and tape a mock Post Office logo on it)

  • Mail boxes (If you don’t have your own mailboxes, make you own out of cereal boxes or shoe boxes.)

  • Stickers

  • Stamps, stamp pad

  • Scissors

  • Envelopes

  • Pencils, markers, pens

  • Paper

  • Labels

  • Index cards

  • Stationery

  • Tape

  • Date stamp

  • Scale

  • Storage shoe box

  • Pretend money, cash register

  • Scale

Not only will making a pretend post office be a fun project that will entertain your kids for hours, younger kids (ages 3 – 5) can work on valuable skills like learning new words associated with the post office:  delivery, address, postage, scale, sort, mail carrier. 

They can count and sort letters, draw pictures for postcards, practice writing their name.  Older kids (ages 5 – 10) can also benefit by writing postcards and letters, weighing mail, practice writing your address, write actual letters or stories to grandparents and classmates and teachers, and spend time getting creative with stamps and creating beautiful pictures.

Make Valentine’s Day Family Day

Call the holiday “Family Day”—a day devoted to love is the perfect time to celebrate family!  Here are a few suggestions for making your “Family Day” a loving affair:

No Complaints: Use the 24-hour period of Valentine’s Day to ban complaints. Parents included!  After all, being around positive people, no matter how old they are, is much more fun!

Tell a love story: Tell the kids one of the reasons that you fell in love with your spouse, in front of them.

Go on a family date: Is there a family event or place that your kids enjoy where you can all be together?  We love going bowling or to an indoor trampoline center where we can burn some energy and just hang out together.

Send a Valentine to someone who would least expect it: An elderly neighbor, the post office delivery person, the cashier at the store, or have your kids come up with some ideas of who to send them to!

Make a Valentine tree: Gather pink, red, or a variety of colored construction paper, cut papers into heart shapes, and hang them on the branches of a winter tree in your yard. You can also collect several bare branches, spray paint them white, place them in the corner of a room in a large vase, and hang the beautiful hearts inside. Check out my kids' creation at right.

Happy Valentine's Day!



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