Halloween Fun and Safety

Different Halloween Treats

Cherylyn Feierabend
4-minute read
Episode #87

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It was just over one year ago when I first talked about how to keep your children safe during their Halloween celebrations. Actually, my husband was kind enough to record that episode for me while I was literally at a loss for words. This year I’m going to review some important safety tips and share a couple of new ideas for fun that I’ve recently come across.

In my previous Halloween safety episode I covered some safety tips. I’m going to quickly review them here and then we’ll move on to the fun stuff:

  •  Avoid dark-colored costumes when trick-or-treating and carry or wear a flashlight or light-reflective device or clothing.
  • Keep costumes safe by making sure eyesight is not obstructed and the area around your child’s feet is clear.
  • Label the inside of your child’s costume with emergency contact information.
  • All children should be accompanied by an adult while trick-or-treating.
  • Go over safety rules with your child before you head out for the evening.
If you have any great safety tips to share, please visit the Mighty Mommy website and leave them in the comments.

I think Halloween may be my favorite time of year when it comes to magazines. I don’t consider myself creative or crafty, but I love looking at the homemade costumes and crafts that creative people come up with, and sometimes I’ll go out and buy the supplies and try to do it myself. Thankfully, my kids are still little and they don’t laugh at what I actually come up with. They enjoy my works of art just as if they are exactly as I intended them to be. Hey, if they don’t know the difference, I’m not going to tell them!


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