Halloween Safety Tips

Now is the time for you to prepare yourself and your children for Halloween. Here are some tips to keep your kids safer while celebrating this holiday.

Cherylyn Feierabend
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Episode #36
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Halloween Safety Tips
You’ve probably noticed by now that I am not the Mighty Mommy. I am the husband of the Mighty Mommy and I’m also the Daddy around here. I’m filling in for Mighty Mommy this week because she has lost her voice due to illness. I thought it would be fun to help her with this episode and I hope you enjoy it as well. Besides, I love this time of year and it seems like an interesting topic to me. Now is the time for you to prepare yourself and your children for Halloween. Here are some tips to keep your kids safer while celebrating this holiday.
You may be either buying or making your children’s costumes. Whichever the case, you should keep the costumes as light-colored as possible. Dark fabrics are harder to see at night. The more visible you can make your children, the better. You can also add reflective tape to your children’s costumes to increase visibility. Older children can carry flashlights and chemically lighted glow-sticks. You can also have children wear lighted, glowing bracelets. Check flashlight batteries before heading out. Fresh batteries are the best option if you are unsure as to the amount of power currently remaining.
Making sure your children can see where they are going is just as important as making sure they are seen. Avoid costumes with masks which can block areas of vision. If certain costumes do include masks, ask your children to keep the masks off during the travel time between houses. They can replace their masks immediately before announcing their arrival. Make comfortable walking shoes mandatory for all children even if the shoes don’t match the costume. Also make sure that none of the costumes’ hems fall below mid-ankle. It is hazardous enough simply walking around in the dark without having to worry about tripping over your costume. I also recommend that children avoid carrying any type of toy weapon, especially a realistic looking one. If the costume just isn’t complete without the weapon, make sure it’s soft and flexible to avoid injury.
A couple more good ideas that have been shared with me about costumes are to choose a costume with flame retardant material and to put identification information inside the costume. You can sew a label on the inside of the costume with your name, address, and phone number in case of emergency. Keep this information in a discreet place. It should not be in view of the general public.


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