How to Plant an Organic Garden

Get tips on how to plant an organic garden with your kids.

Cherylyn Feierabend
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Episode #119

Step 4: Enrich the Soil

Spread organic fertilizer and compost over your soil to ensure your plants grow in a nutrient rich environment. Be sure to use organic materials only, as you do not want to introduce unwanted chemicals into your family’s food supply. Organic fertilizer and compost are readily available at most fine nurseries and garden stores.

Step 5: Choose Your Crops

When deciding which plants to grow, think about your lifestyle, the things you love to eat, and your favorite recipes. It’s also helpful to consider the types of vegetables that grow well in your local climate. Most fine nurseries have expert on staff who can advise you as to which fruits and vegetables typically grow well in your area.

Step 6: Design Your Garden

When choosing where to plant each vegetable, it’s a good idea to consider companion planting. A good companion plant will provide a healthy habitat for beneficial insects, that will in turn prey on pest insects. In fact, most organic farmers rely on companion planting as their number one means of pest control. For more information regarding companion gardening, check out www.gardenguides.com or visit your local library for books on this topic.

Step 7: Plant your Garden

Using a hand shovel, dig small holes in your soil and carefully place your seed or trimming. Cover the area back up again with soil and move about two inches over to plant your next seed. It’s always fun to have your kids help with this step. Be sure to water your new garden twice a day for the first two weeks and then once a day after that. To ensure your plants retain optimal levels of moisture, water early in the morning or late in afternoon when the sun is not as strong.

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