Kid-Free Vacation

Believe it or not, taking a vacation without the kids can be done. It’s a good time to recharge, spend some time with your spouse, and come home refreshed.

Cherylyn Feierabend
Episode #035
Finally, I’d just like to mention a couple of other things you can do in advance to make things easier on your caregivers. Selecting clothes for your child and putting them in a convenient location will help save time each day. It’s not easy for someone else to remember where you keep your child’s socks or pajamas. Leaving these items out may seem like a little thing, but every tiny bit helps. Another thing to leave with your caregiver is a schedule of daily activities. Children thrive best when they are kept on schedule. Giving them something to do and letting the babysitter know what time to engage the kids in certain activities will keep the household running more smoothly. The more smoothly the house is running without you, the more you’ll be able to enjoy your vacation.
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