The Overwhelming Truth?

Mommy is feeling a bit overwhelmed this week.

Cherylyn Feierabend
3-minute read
Episode #175

Do you think this is a good place for me to vent my frustrations as a mom? OK, probably not. How about I use it as a place to share with you how much I understand the frustrations of being a wife, a mom, a friend, an employee, and don’t even get me started on the personal shopper, banker, and cook positions I hold!

Being Overwhelmed is Normal

I get this feeling every once in a while that I’m going insane. Sometimes it’s past tense and I’ve already gone insane and I don’t know how I made it this far without losing all my marbles and driving everyone else crazy along with me. There are things we all need to do to keep our sanity. That feeling of being overwhelmed seems to be abundant during the holidays for me. How about you? Now that it’s the New Year, what changes can we make to alleviate the stress before it happens?

Mommy Time-Outs

Time-out isn’t intended a punishment, it’s a time to calm down, think, and reassess the situation to make improvements.

When our kids get nutty on us and seem out of control or have issues behaving, we can put them in a time-out. Don’t try saying all that to your five-year old though. For him it’s still “time to calm down!” I think that we, as parents, need to put ourselves in time-out too once in a while. And, just like our kids, no chocolate is allowed in time-out. OK maybe one small piece. Find a quiet place to be alone for a few minutes. Take some deep breaths, drink a glass of water, do some stretching exercises, or meditate. Get yourself centered and really try to experience some calm. You might even put a warm compress on your face or listen to some classical or jazz music. Five to ten minutes of relaxation can refresh you more than you’d actually think it would.

Burn Some Energy

Another great way to release some pent up anxiousness or negative energy is to channel it into something positive. Try exercise. Go for a walk, ride a bike, or, my personal favorite, scrub the sinks. If you can’t get any time alone, this is one of those releases that can get you involved with the kids. Turn on some music, move the furniture and get moving. The kids will either laugh or join in the fun. Either way, it will help everyone release some stress and burn some of that negative energy you are feeling. It’s hard to feel overwhelmed when you are dancing.

Get Some Hugs

Hugs can help too. Gather your kids and tell them that Mommy needs some hugs. Everyone needs hugs and sometimes we forget to give and get them as often as we should. If your kids are little like mine, you may want to consider getting down on the floor with them and just enjoy their company. This is great for times when you feel like your kids are being extraordinarily needy and you feel frustrated by the extra attention. Please tell me I’m not the only one? Sometimes we just want our space and our kids just want US! I’ve found the best cure for this is to give in and cuddle!

Act Like a Kid

As parents we are under pressure all the time to be grown-up and responsible for everyone and everything. At least that’s how it feels. Another great way to relieve stress is to do something kid-like. Grab a coloring book and some crayons. Pull out the Play-Doh, or maybe turn on a video game. Spend some time enjoying some kid-centric activities. Just because they are designed for kids, doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy them. I find coloring to be extremely relaxing. I use coloring books because I like how I’ve progressed enough to stay in the lines and it impresses my kids too. Oh, and one more thing, if you decide to play a video game to de-stress, make sure you choose one you are good at otherwise, it’s likely to add to your frustration!

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