Tips for Planning Birthday Parties

Are you the kind of person who likes to go all out?

Cherylyn Feierabend
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Plan Activities to Prevent Boredom

If you have a party and do not plan any activities, your guests will most likely get bored or just stand around eating snacks or looking for snacks to eat. Parties with scheduled activities are much more fun for everyone. You can do party games or have activity stations. By setting up a schedule beforehand, you will save your guests from boredom and save yourself from running out of food. Younger children are not as well suited for the activity stations as the older ones are. For older kids, you can have a jewelry making station, painting station or many other types of craft stations. Check your local craft stores a few weeks before your party and start gathering inexpensive supplies on sale. Instead of serving cake, you can make an activity out of cupcakes. Each child gets one or two unfrosted cupcakes to take to the cupcake decorating station. Put out frosting, sprinkles, colored cereals, marshmallows, candies or any other colorful, edible items you can think of and let the kids decorate their own cupcakes. If you give them two cupcakes, they can eat one at the party and have one to take home.

For the younger children you can have a sing-a-long with favorite songs like Itsy Bitsy Spider. Play some fun music and get everyone dancing. This is especially fun with bubbles. Kids love to run, jump and chase bubbles. The little ones will also love decorating their own cupcakes. If you don’t mind a mess, I say go for it![[AdMiddle]

Make Sure That You Have Time to Celebrate, Too

Finally, one thing to keep in mind when you are throwing a party is the amount of time and energy you will be putting into it. You may find that with all of the set-up, coordinating and clean up, you aren’t having any time to enjoy celebrating with your child. Your time is valuable. Estimate the cost of the amount of time you are spending being a party planner and a clean up crew. Add that to the cost of food, decorations and other supplies. Take the total and compare it to the cost of throwing the party at a pizza place or fast-food restaurant with a play area or your local zoo. You may find that with the added in time and labor, it’s well worth the cost to let someone else host your party and do the cleaning up for you.

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