Tips for Planning Fun Summer Activities

Summer break is here for most of us.

Cherylyn Feierabend
4-minute read
Episode #20

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Tips for Planning Fun Summer Activities

Summer break is here for most of us. This means that if you have school-aged kids, they need activities to keep them stimulated. It also means that for parents of toddlers, your usual hangouts might be more packed than usual. It’s time to change the routine. Depending on your location, the summer climate might send you running outdoors. I live in sunny Arizona where the summers are mostly spent inside due to the heat. I’d like to give you some ideas of activities you can consider for the summer months regardless of your location.

The first place I always think of for indoor entertainment is the library. Most libraries have summer reading programs. Some also have storytellers. Check with your local libraries. They may have a website or you can request a schedule of events. Many bookstores now offer regular story times as well. Most of the toddler-specific story times I have attended have included songs and audience participation. This is important when you have an antsy toddler who is just learning to pay attention in a setting where other children are present. A captivating storyteller is usually easy to find by the crowd of children around her.

Museums can also be fun and entertaining for all ages. Some offer hands-on exhibits as well as craft classes. Many museums also offer free admission for certain days. It’s always good to check in advance. If you have a group of kids, you might be able to qualify for a group discount. You can also check out your local puppet, youth and movie theaters. Oftentimes, these types of attractions will offer summer programs and discounts.

Some older kids will enjoy doing crafts. Craft stores are a great resource for all types of crafts and craft classes. Some stores will also offer a schedule of events where free supplies and instructions are provided. The great part of doing crafts at the craft store is that you don’t need to worry about messing up your house.


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