Yes, Listeners, There is a Santa Claus

Every person is different and if I give you all a cut-and-dried answer for the “Are you Santa?” question, it would probably be the right answer for only a very tiny portion of the population.

Cherylyn Feierabend,
January 5, 2008
Episode #047

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As for my personal beliefs, I love Santa. I grew up in a versatile household where we had both a Christmas tree and a Menorah during the holidays. The fact that Santa came to visit us every year was amazing to me. I loved every minute of it. I still do. I also love that my children’s faces light up when they see Santa and have their pictures taken with him. They enjoy giving him their wish lists and they understand that he’s always watching and they need to behave. Yes, I’m admittedly guilty of using the “Santa is watching you” technique during the holidays to encourage better behavior from my kids.

When my daughter is older, I’m sure she’ll question the existence of Santa. She’s already asked me why Santa stores his wrapping paper in our garage. I told her that I’m helping him wrap presents since he has so many to deliver. She thinks I’m a very nice mommy for helping Santa this way. I’m sure this will progress into me helping Santa shop for presents and put them under the tree. I hosted a breakfast with Santa at my house this year for my kids’ friends. My older brother was kind enough to play Santa for us. His kids are at the questioning Santa age and were very excited to tell me that they think their dad would be the best Santa, since he’s one of his helpers every year, and they asked me if they could be his elves at the party.

Once a child starts really questioning the existence of Santa, I think deep down they already know the truth. If they are anything like me, then although they know the truth, they just choose to keep believing anyway, because that’s way more fun!

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