Little Fox and The Wild Imagination—Dad Duo Encourages Kids to Embrace Adventure

Debut author Jorma Taccone, a member of the hit comedy trio The Lonely Island, teamed up with New York Times bestselling and Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator Dan Santat to create a heartfelt children's book, Little Fox and the Wild Imagination. They joined Mighty Mommy for an honest and hilarious discussion of how their experiences as dads made the book possible.

Cheryl Butler
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Episode #594

Every now and then, a bit of magic happens and a dynamic duo forms. Such is the case with dad duo Jorma Taccone and Dan Santat, author and illustrator (respectively) of  Little Fox and the Wild Imagination, a picture book about time, space, and even giant-robot-squids.

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Jorma and Dan joined Mighty Mommy to share their heartfelt—and often hilarious —thoughts and tips on encouraging kids to explore their wild imaginations. They also talked about how being dads shapes their work as author and illustrator.

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  • Learn how Jorma Taccone's child inspired his idea for Little Fox
  • Discover how Jorma teamed up with Caldecott Medal-winning illustrator Dan Santat
  • Find out how Dan gets inspired to create the colorful, whimsical illustrations in his books
  • Listen to how both Jorma and Dan have come to rely on love and playfulness to guide them on their parenting journey
  • Hear Jorma and Dan's heartwarming takeaways from their journey to create Little Fox

For more information, visit Little Fox and the Wild Imagination.



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