6 Ways Stay-at-Home Parents Can Make Extra Money

Mighty Mommy shares 6 terrific moneymakers that can earn families fast cash without punching a 9 – 5 clock every day.

Cheryl Butler
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Even as a young girl, I had a very strong work ethic, and absolutely loved finding ways to earn a few extra bucks. Whether it was selling lemonade in a stand at the end of my driveway, babysitting for neighbors, walking local dogs, or having a garage sale, I enjoyed coming up with ways to add dollars to my savings account.

Honestly, in my wildest dreams I never imagined becoming the mother to eight amazing kids, especially after six very long and grueling years of infertility, but I was blessed with my small tribe and have never looked back. While we struggled with infertility we did live a very full life of career, travel, and enjoying our personal hobbies and interests. We were a double income couple who didn’t worry much about finances. Eight kids and a divorce (although amicable!) later, my financial picture changed on a dime.

I’ve been fortunate to work outside the home doing jobs that I absolutely love. As a writer and a professional fundraiser, I meet the most interesting people and am surrounded by exciting venues and events with which I get to work on a daily basis. As great as all that sounds, unfortunately, it doesn’t replace the income I had when I was married. I’m not complaining, but in addition to making different financial decisions that benefit my family, I’ve also had to find other ways to earn a side income from home.

Thanks to the incredible resources I’ve gleaned from my own circle of friends, as well as great advice from many online moms that I’m connected with, I’ve discovered a handful of terrific ways stay-at-home parents can earn some serious extra cash from the comfort of their own homes.

Mighty Mommy shares 6 terrific moneymakers that can earn families fast cash without punching a 9 – 5 clock every day.

Six Ways Stay-at-Home Parents Can Earn Income 

  1. Flex Jobs
  2. Cash Back Post Purchase
  3. Rent Your Stuff
  4. Sell Your Clutter
  5. Type For Cash
  6. Take Paid Surveys

Here they are in more detail.

1. Flex Jobs

Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent or a single parent, the key word to helping score some extra cash is flexibility. When I began my journey as a newly single parent, I struggled with balance. I wanted to spend quality time with my eight kids, maintain my life as a freelance writer, and have the ability to cultivate my important relationships with close friends and family members. Add into the mix trying to maintain my physical and emotional well-being—this was no easy feat.

One of my closest friends, recently widowed at the age of 45, introduced me to the world of flex jobs, the leading job board for telecommuting, part-time, flexible-time, work from home, and other alternative work arrangements.

Here’s the skinny on this very active site. They are committed to providing a scam-free resource for job seekers who need flexibility in their professional lives. Each job listed on their very active site is looked over prior to being posted, which ensures each job is legitimate and scam-free. Flex jobs is not a free site, but they do offer quality jobs at a reasonable price (as low as $14.95 per month) and they are committed to providing quality job listings within a wide variety of career areas. 

I subscribed to flex jobs soon after my divorce and found a wonderful job typing college manuscripts for $20 per hour. That was over five years ago, and to this day, I still get invitations to do administrative work from home in my spare time!

2. Cash Back Post Purchase

If you tend to be a tech-savvy consumer, why not earn a few bucks after you purchase something that your family needs. The world of today’s smartphones and other electronic devices offers shrewd family shoppers some terrific opportunities to score a bit of easy income after they’ve shopped.

Paribus is an online tool that scans your emails, tracks your purchases, and pays you the difference if it discovers a price change after you buy something. This clever app monitors 29 retailers, including family favorites like Zappos, Walmart, and Target. It’s easy money you otherwise wouldn’t get back and all you have to do is download it and hit the road shopping.

I’ve been using this clever tool for a couple of years now and have easily added several hundred bucks to my bank account literally doing nothing!

3. Rent Your Stuff

One great way to earn a few easy dollars is to turn your stuff into an income source by renting it through legitimate websites. I originally thought this was a bunch of nonsense until several of my friends started doing it. My college roommate rented her pool for someone’s family reunion last month and made $500 for one afternoon! A colleague rented his jeep for a day tour of our seaside community for $300. The list is truly endless.

Here are some sites that you can use to rent your gear:

Baby and kid paraphernalia are hot items to rent because families don’t want to haul this stuff on vacations or for other travel reasons. A hot, trending company to pursue is babyquip.com. Anyone interested can fill out a brief application and attend a free webinar to learn more about launching and running their baby gear business. Babyquip trains applicants in all aspects of running the business including baby gear safety and cleanliness, providing concierge-level customer service to families, sales, social media, marketing, and even public relations.


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